1st Edition

Radiology for Undergraduate Finals and Foundation Years Key Topics and Question Types

    Basic knowledge of radiology is essential for medical students regardless of the specialty they plan to enter. Hospital patients increasingly undergo some form of imaging, ranging from plain film through to CT and MRI. As technologies and techniques advance and radiology grows in scope, medical school curricula are reflecting its increased importance. This book provides a mixture of case-based teaching, structured questions, and self-assessment techniques relevant to the evolving modern curriculum. It covers critical areas including knowledge of when to investigate a patient, which modality best answers a specific clinical question and how to interpret chest and abdominal x-rays. Along with final year medical students, this book will also benefit postgraduate FY1 and FY2 junior doctors and those in the earlier clinical years who wish to expland their radiology knowledge. It also provides a useful basic radiology primer for the early MRCP and MRCS examinations. 'It is a great honour to be asked to provide a foreword for this excellent and unusual text. There is an eminently practical range of topics covered in this book and this reflects the commonsense approach by the authors. The images are good and the explanatory text educationally valuable and very much to the point.' - From the Foreword by Professor Adrian K. Dixon

    Introduction. The Radiology Imaging Modalities. Key topics in Radiology: Contrast media, Radiation Protection and the Future of Radiology. Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) Questions. Multiple Choice (MCQ) Questions. Extended Matching Item (EMI) Questions. Single Best Answer (SBA) Questions. Short Answer (SAQ) Questions. Viva Voce Questions. Index of Answers.


    Tristan Barrett, Nadeem Shaida, Ashley Shaw