1st Edition

Radon, Radium, and Uranium in Drinking Water

By C. Richard Cothern Copyright 1990

    With new regulations for radionuclides in drinking water, this volume will be valuable for understanding where radionuclides come from, how their prescence is determined, where humans come in contact with them, health effects consequences (both for individuals and communities), removal from water, disposal problems and cost implications.

    Risk Due to Radionuclides in Drinking Water. Setting Up a Laboratory to Measure the Concentrations of Radon in Drinking Water. Analysis of the Health Risks from Ingested Radon. Risk Assessment and Policy of Radon. Treatment Technology for Removing Radon from Small Community Water Supplies. Radon Transferred from Drinking Water into House Air. An Experimental Test of the "Linear-No Threshold Theory" of Radiation Carcinogenesis. Relationship of Radium and Radon with Geological Formations. The Occurrence of Radionuclides in Drinking Water, A National Study. Policy and Economic Analysis of Radionuclide Removal from Drinking Water. The Uptake of Uranium and Radium from Food and Water in Relation to Calcium. Determination of Uranium in Drinking Water in an Analytical Chemistry Laboratory. Recent Developments in Technology for Removing Radionuclides from Drinking Water. Analytical Methodology for Radium in Food and Water. The Price of Confidence: The Rationality of Radium Removal from Drinking Water. Removal of Radium from Drinking Water. Disposal of Radium from Drinking Water Treatment.


    C. Richard Cothern