Rammed Earth Construction : Cutting-Edge Research on Traditional and Modern Rammed Earth book cover
1st Edition

Rammed Earth Construction
Cutting-Edge Research on Traditional and Modern Rammed Earth

ISBN 9781138027701
Published January 27, 2015 by CRC Press
192 Pages

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Book Description

Rammed Earth Construction: Cutting-Edge Research on Traditional and Modern Rammed Earth is a collection of peer-reviewed papers presented at the First International Conference on Rammed Earth Construction (ICREC2015, University of Western Australia, Perth, Western Australia, 10-13 February 2015) by academics, engineers and rammed earth practitioners from around the world. The topics discussed in the book include:
• Construction procedures
• Durability assessment
• Material characterisation
• Seismic design
• Soil suitability
• Structural and thermal performance
• Traditional and stabilised rammed earth structures

Rammed Earth Construction: Cutting-Edge Research on Traditional and Modern Rammed Earth will be a valuable reference for academics, engineers and practitioners for describing the state-of-the-art in rammed earth research and understanding.

Table of Contents


Keynote papers

Rammed earth in the modern world
S. Dobson

The future and the common ground
D. Easton

Earthen construction: A geotechnical engineering perspective
C.E. Augarde

Rescuing a sustainable heritage: Prospects for traditional rammed earth housing in China today and tomorrow
R. Hu & J. Liu

Delegates’ papers

Improved thermal capacity of rammed earth by the inclusion of natural fibres
G. Barbeta Solà & F.X. Massó Ros

Strengthening mechanisms in Cement-Stabilised Rammed Earth
C. Beckett, D. Ciancio, S. Manzi & M. Bignozzi

Contemporary soil-cement and rammed earth in South Africa
G. Bosman & K. Salzmann-McDonald

The creep of Rammed Earth material
Q.B. Bui & J.-C. Morel

Discrete element modeling of Rammed Earth walls
Q.B. Bui, T.-T. Bui, A. Limam & J.-C. Morel

Recycled materials to stabilise rammed earth: Insights and framework
J.A.H. Carraro

A procedure to measure the in-situ hygrothermal behavior of unstabilised rammed earth walls
P.A. Chabriac, A. Fabbri, J.-C. Morel & J. Blanc-Gonnet

Notched mini round determinate panel test to calculate tensile strength and fracture energy of fibre reinforced Cement-Stabilised Rammed Earth
D. Ciancio, C. Beckett, N. Buratti & C. Mazzotti

Modular rammed earth masonry block
A.J. Dahmen & B.J.F. Muñoz

Who’s afraid of raw earth? Experimental wall in New England and the environmental cost of stabilization
A.J. Dahmen

Can we benefit from the microbes present in rammed earth?
N.K. Dhami & A. Mukherje

Preparing regulatory challenges and opportunities for small to medium residential scale stabilized rammed earth buildings in Canada
K.J. Dick & T.J. Krahn

Techniques of intervention in monumental rammed earth buildings in Spain in the last decade (2004–2013). 1% Cultural Programme
L. García-Soriano, C. Mileto & F. Vegas López-Manzanares

Investigation of energy performance of a rammed earth built commercial office building in three different climate zones of Australia
M.M. Hasan & K. Dutta

Earth Building—how does it rate?
P. Hickson

Rammed Earth in a concrete world
M. Krayenhoff

Rammed earth thermodynamics
M. Krayenhoff

Thermal performance summary of four rammed earth walls in Canadian climates
C. MacDougall, K.J. Dick, T.J. Krahn, T. Wong, S. Cook, M. Allen & G. Leskien

Dynamic behavior of scaled Cement Stabilized Rammed Earth building models
K.S. Nanjunda Rao, M. Anitha & B.V. Venkatarama Reddy

Rammed Earth construction for the Colorado Front Range region
R. Pyatt, C. O’Hara & R. Hu

Analytical model for predicting the stress-strain behaviour of Cement Stabilised Rammed Earth
L. Raju & B.V. Venkatarama Reddy

Advanced prefabricated rammed earth structures—mechanical, building physical and environmental properties
J. Ruzicka, F. Havlik, J. Richter & K. Stanek

The role of clay and sand in the mechanics of Soil-Based Construction Materials
J.C. Smith & C.E. Augarde

On the relevance of neglecting the mass vapor variation for modelling the hygrothermal behavior of rammed earth
L. Soudani, A. Fabbri, P.A. Chabriac, J.-C. Morel, M. Woloszyn & A.-C. Grillet

Structural behavior of Cement-Stabilized Rammed Earth column under compression
D.D. Tripura & K.D. Singh

Specimen slenderness effect on compressive strength of Cement Stabilised Rammed Earth
B.V. Venkatarama Reddy, V. Suresh & K.S. Nanjunda Rao

Earth construction: Poured earth mix design
J.A. Williamson & F.R. Rutz

Investigating the lateral capacity of wall top fixings in rammed earth materials
L.A. Wolf, C.E. Augarde & P.A. Jaquin

Potential of existing whole-building simulation tools to assess hygrothermal performance of rammed earth construction
M. Woloszyn, A.-C. Grillet, L. Soudani, J.-C. Morel & A. Fabbri

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