1st Edition

Random Non-Random Periodic Faulting in Crystals

By M.T. Sebastian, P, Krishna Copyright 1994

    This book provides a comprehensive overview of stacking faults in crystal structures. Subjects covered include: notations used in representations of close-packed structures; types of faults; methods of detection and measurement such as X-ray diffraction, electron diffraction and other techniques; theoretical models of non-random faulting during phase transitions; specific examples of - close packed structures including, zinc sulphide, silicon carbide and silver iodide.

    1 Introduction, 2 Stacking faults in dose-packed structures, 3 Diffuse X-ray scattering from randomly faulted close-packed structures, 4 Phase-transformations and non-random faulting in dose-packed structures, 5 Periodic Faulting in Crystals: Polytypism


    Sebastian, M. T.; Krishna, P.