1st Edition

Rapid Revision in Clinical Pharmacology

By Ben Greenstein Copyright 2008

    This concise guide has been specifically designed to enable speedy comprehension and key information recall in exams. Tables, numerous illustrations, diagrams, boxed key points and sample questions make revision and self examination a breeze. This is a vital revision aid for students in medicine. Lecturers and tutors in clinical pharmacology will find the simple approach ideal for organising courses.

    Pharmacokinetics. Pharmacodynamics. Clinical trials. Receptor types. Autonomic nervous system 1. Autonomic nervous system 2. Autonomic nervous system 3. Neuromuscular junction. Myasthenia. 5-HT. Eiconasoids. Peptides and proteins as drugs. Systems targeted by drugs. Diuretics. Drugs and the heart I: heart failure. Drugs and the heart II: myocardial infarction (heart attack). Drugs and the heart III: antidysrhythmic drugs. Drugs and the heart IV: angina pectoris. Drugs and the heart V: antiplatelet drugs. Anticoagulants I: heparin. Anticoagulants II: oral anticoagulants. Fibrinolytic and antifibrinolytic drugs. Hypertension I: introduction. Hypertension II: treatment. Inflammation I: introduction. Inflammation II: NSAIDS. Inflammation III: steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Inflammation IV: disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs (DMARDS). Inflammation V: gout, scleroderma and raynaud’s phenomenon. Paracetamol. Opioid analgesics. Local anaesthetics. General anaesthetics. Parkinson’s disease. Epilepsy. Alzheimer’s disease. Antidepressant drugs. Anxiolytic drugs. Anti-infective agents. Malignancy.


    Ben Greenstein