2nd Edition

Re-Engineering Software How to Re-Use Programming to Build New, State-of-the-Art Software

By Roy Rada Copyright 1999

    Creating software of any kind is an enormously expensive proposition, whether for internal use or commercial application. The range of activities involved in engineering and creating software are mind-boggling in complexity. Yet, every time new software is developed, most programmers start from scratch without considering what might be re-used or salvaged from existing programs. Re-Engineering Software addresses the principles, approaches, support systems, underlying methodologies, and real case examples for re-using (and thus building on) previously existing software.

    Preface Chapter 1—Introduction Section 1— Background Chapter 2—The Software Life Cycle Chapter 3・Management Section 2—Enterprise & Standards Chapter 4・Reuse Framework Chapter 5・Standards Section 3— Organize to Reorganize Chapter 6・Organizing Chapter 7・Retrieving Chapter 8—Reorganizing Section 4— Practical Examples Chapter 10—Case Studies Successful Commercial Cases, Practitioner and the ABB Steel Works, IBM Reuse, The IBM Boblingen Experience, An IBM Reusable Parts Centre, HP Reuse, Motorola Reuse, CIM-EXP Chapter 11—Courseware Reuse Chapter 12・Conclusion


    Roy Rada