1st Edition

Re-Grounding Cosmopolitanism Towards a Post-Foundational Cosmopolitanism

Edited By Tamara Caraus, Elena Paris Copyright 2016
    272 Pages 4 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    272 Pages 4 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Leading experts and rising stars in the field explore whether cosmopolitanism becomes impossible in the theoretical framework that assumed the absence of a final ground. The questions that the volume addresses refer exactly to the foundational predicament that characterizes cosmopolitanism: How is it possible to think cosmopolitanism after the critique of foundations? Can cosmopolitanism be conceived without an ‘ultimate’ ground? Can we construct theories of cosmopolitanism without some certainties about the entire world or about the cosmos? Should we continue to look for foundations of cosmopolitan rights, norms and values? Alternatively, should we aim towards cosmopolitanism without foundations or towards cosmopolitanism with ‘contingent foundations’? Could cosmopolitanism be the very attempt to come to terms with the failure of ultimate grounds?

    Written accessibly and contributing to key debates on political philosophy, and social and political thought, this volume advances the concept of post-foundational cosmopolitanism by bridging the polarised approaches to the concept.

    Introduction: Re-Grounding Cosmopolitanism: Towards a Post-Foundational Cosmopolitanism

    [Tamara Caraus] 

    Part 1: Grounds 

    1. Cosmopolitanism Without Bannisters: Agonism, Humanism, and World Disclosure

    [Mark Wenman]

    2. Seeing Humanity Anew: Grammatically Reading Liberal Cosmopolitanism

    [Véronique Pin-Fat] 

    3. Re-Thinking Universalism: Post – Foundational Cosmopolitanism in a Relational Key

    [Elena Paris] 

     4. Contingency and Contestability: Questioning Cosmopolitan Foundations

    [Camil Alexandru Pârvu] 

    Part 2: Ontology  5. Cosmopolitan Ontology or the Cosmo-Political

    [Tamara Caraus] 

    6. The Kosmos of Cosmopolitanism: Geography and Grounding

    [Péter D. Szigeti]

    7. Spinoza – Cosmopolitanism for the Love of Multitudes 

    [Stephen Connelly] 

    8. "Ontology of the Present" and Critical Attitude of Thinking: A Foucauldian Proposal of a Post-Foundational Cosmopolitanism

    [Alessio Calabresse]

    Part 3 : Politics 

    9. The Political, the Ethical, the Global: Towards a Post-Foundational Theory of Cosmopolitan Democracy

    [Oliver Marchart]

    10. Cosmopolitan Pedagogies and The Possibility of a Democratic Cosmopolitics

    [Samuel Chambers]

    11. The "Foundations" of Political Cosmopolitanism

    [Kostas Koukouzelis] 

    12. How to Interrupt Happy Nationalism: From Butler’s Performativity to Radical Cosmopolitanism

    [Bogdan Popa]


    Tamara Caraus is researcher at New Europe College, Bucharest. Her area of research includes cosmopolitanism, continental political theory, theories of agonistic democracy, and dissidence.

    Elena Paris is a doctoral candidate and researcher at the Law School, University of Bucharest. Her research interests include international legal theory, cosmopolitanism, critical human rights, constitutionalism, collective security, financial law.

    "This volume explores in an illuminating fashion the question of whether cosmopolitanism always has to succumb to the "temptation of foundations" or whether it can be figured in a way that it becomes a continual challenge to all attempts to anchor political life to a timeless, universal mooring."—Stephen White, James Hart Professor of Politics, University of Virginia