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Re Visions: Critical Studies in the History and Theory of Art

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Art History has been transformed as an academic discipline over the last twenty years. The `new' art history is no longer new, and that widely-used and useful label has come to seem dangerously over-tidy.
Re Visions responds to the arrival of new ways of thinking in art history in a series of lucid and accessible studies by authors distinguished in their fields. Each book examines the usefulness of innovative concepts and methods, not in abstract terms, but through the analysis of particular art objects, ways of writing about art and cultural institutions and practices.

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Twenty Years of Studying Democratization Vol 3: Building Blocks of Democracy

Twenty Years of Studying Democratization: Vol 3: Building Blocks of Democracy

1st Edition

Edited By Aurel Croissant, Jeffrey Haynes
September 23, 2014

Democratization emerged at a time of epochal change in global politics: the twin impacts of the end of the Soviet Union and the speeding up and deepening of globalisation in the early 1990s meant a whole new ball game in terms of global political developments. The journal’s first issue appeared in ...

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