1st Edition

Reaction Detection in Liquid Chromatography

Edited By Ira S. Krull Copyright 1986

    The first book to focus entirely on reactions for analyte detection and characterization,Reaction Detection in Liquid Chromatography depicts off- and on-line, pre- and postcolumnapproaches that have been successfully used for many classes of compounds, bothorganic and inorganic, in high performance liquid chromatography.The book gives special attention to methods and instrumentation associated with postcolumnreaction detection, discussing theory, background, principles, and equations .. .and also highlights major areas of reaction chemistry, such as immobilized ( or solution)enzymatic reactions, homogenous solution chemistry, photochemical derivation, pairedionreagents, solid phase and solid supported reagents, and reactions for inorganic species.In addition, Reaction Detection in liquid Chromatography details the efficiencies of thevarious reactions surveyed ... forecasts how the utility of each reaction is likely to be enhancedby new research ... and gives data that will allow the reader to reproducereaction-detection approaches for new analytes and samples.Reaction Detection in Liquid Chromatography is essential reading for analytical, bioanalytical,quality control, and research and development chemists. It also comprises a finereference for analysts involved in development and applications of liquid chromatographyfor specific qualitative and quantitative analyte identification; and in-house, professionalseminars.

    1: Fundamentals of Reaction Detection Systems; 2: Solution Chemistry for Post-Column Reactions; 3: Post-Column Reaction Detection of Inorganic Species; 4: Enzyme Reaction Detectors in HPLC; 5: Solid-Phase Reaction Detectors for HPLC; 6: Ion Pairing as a Means of Detection in Liquid Chromatography; 7: Post-Column Photochemical Derivatizations for Improved Detection and Identification in HPLC


    Ira S. Krull