1st Edition

Reactive Oxygen Species and Antioxidants in Higher Plants

Edited By S. Dutta Gupta Copyright 2011

    Providing basic information on reactive oxygen species (ROS), this volume describes new developments in the action of ROS, the role of antioxidants, and the mechanisms developed to scavenge free radical associated cellular damage. It illustrates the chemistry of ROS, ROS signaling, antioxidative defense systems, transgene approaches in scavenging ROS, and the role of oxidative stress in plant recalcitrance and hyperhydricity as well as how plants orchestrate their response to morphogenesis. It also includes a brief account of the use of medicinal plants for natural antioxidants, emphasizing biochemical details.

    Sites of Generation and Physicochemical Basis of Formation of Reactive Oxygen Species in Plant Cell; S. Bhattacharjee
    Multiple Roles of Radicals in Plants; Igor Kovalchuk
    Reactive Oxygen Species and Ascorbate-Glutathione Interplay in Signaling and Stress Responses; V. Locato et al.
    Reactive Oxygen Species and Programmed Cell Death; Tsanko Gechev, Veselin Petrov and Ivan Minkov
    Oxidative Burst-mediated ROS Signaling Pathways Regulating Tuberization in Potato; D. Sarkar and S. Sharma
    ROS Regulation of Antioxidant Genes; P.V. Mylona and Alexios N. Polidoros
    The Role of Antioxidant Enzymes during Leaf Development; Yun-Hee Kim and Sang-Soo Kwak
    Antioxidants Involvement in the Ageing of Non-green Organs: The Potato Tuber as a Model; Pierre Delaplace et al.
    Metal Toxicity, Oxidative Stress and Antioxidative Defense System in Plants; R.S. Dubey
    ROS, Oxidative Stress and Engineering Resistance in Higher Plants; Damla D. Bilgin
    Role of Free Radicals and Antioxidants in in vitro Morphogenesis; S. Dutta Gupta
    ROS as Biomarkers in Hyperhydricity; Nieves Fernandez-Garcia et al.
    Antioxidant Effects of Plant Polyphenols: A Case Study of a Polyphenol-rich Extract from Geranium sanguineum L.; Julia Serkedjieva
    LC-(Q) TOF-MS Characterization of Phenolic Antioxidants; Segura-Carretero et al.
    Antioxidant Properties of Chinese Medicinal Plants; Hua-Bin Li et al.


    S. Dutta Gupta

    Its presentation is neat and simple, referencing and general text and graphic formatting are consistent throughout, and it reads very well. The topics compiled complement each other. While the subject is very broad, the fundamental aspects of ROS and antioxidants along with their nature and function in plants are well addressed. In addition to the knowledge provided, the book also offers a wealth of literature to those interested in specific details about a particular aspect. Overall it is a book worth having an excellent addition to any life science library and its users.
    —M.W. Bairu, University of KwaZulu-Natal Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, in the South African Journal of Botany, 2012