1st Edition

Reactivity and Transport of Heavy Metals in Soils

By H. Magdi Selim, Michael C. Amacher Copyright 1996
    240 Pages
    by CRC Press

    The fate of heavy metal particles in the environment is important because they tend to be reactive, mobile, and highly toxic. Reactivity and Transport of Heavy Metals in Soils examines the sometimes complex interactions that occur between metals and the soil they occupy. It discusses basic kinetic concepts and covers the predictability and consequences of metal-soil interactions.
    This practical guide presents and explains heavy metal issues crucial to hazardous waste site cleanup, including:

    Equilibrium Retention Models
    General Isotherm Equations
    Asymptotic Behavior
    Methods of Obtaining and Analyzing Kinetic Data
    Basic Kinetic Concepts
    Types of Reactions in Soil Environments
    Methods of Obtaining Kinetic Data
    Data Analysis Methods
    Effects of Experimental Variables on Rate Functions
    Column Transport Methods
    Kinetic Retention Approaches
    Single-Reaction Models
    Multiple-Reaction Models
    Sensitivity Analysis
    Continuity Equation
    Transport Mechanism
    Steady-State Flow
    Boundary and Initial Conditions
    Exact Solutions
    Estimation of D
    Other Exact Solutions
    Nonlinear Retention and Transport
    Numerical Solution
    Sensitivity Analysis
    A Second-Order Two-Site Transport Model
    Second-Order Kinetics
    Transport Model
    Sensitivity Analysis
    Estimation of Smax and F


    H. Magdi Selim, H. Magdi Selim; Michael C. Amacher;