1st Edition

Reader's Guide to British History

Edited By David Loades
    1760 Pages
    by Routledge

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    The Reader's Guide to British History is the essential source to secondary material on British history. This resource contains over 1,000 A-Z entries on the history of Britain, from ancient and Roman Britain to the present day. Each entry lists 6-12 of the best-known books on the subject, then discusses those works in an essay of 800 to 1,000 words prepared by an expert in the field. The essays provide advice on the range and depth of coverage as well as the emphasis and point of view espoused in each publication.

    Entries include: Africa: British imperialism in, 1895 to 1960s; Archives: institutional and academic; Bank of England, history of; Blair, Tony (1953--); Catholic restoration (1553-58); Conservative Party, history of (to 1997); Crown, the: England to 1603; Crusades, history of; Domesday Book; Early Period: Anglo-Saxon England: general surveys; Economic Theory, history of, in Britain: mercantilist & pre-mercantilist; Elizabeth I (1533-1603); Employment and women, before 1914; Film and cinemas; George III (1738-1820); Hastings, battle of (1066); Imperialism, cultural impact at home; Industrialization, social impact of; James II (1633-1701); Lancaster, Duchy of; Leisure in the 19th and 20th Centuries; Liberal Party, history of (to 1997); Liverpool; Magna Carta (1215); Merchants guilds; Myths of origin; Parliament: House of Commons, history of; Religion, history of: Anglican Doctrine and worship; Roman Britain: government & social structure; Royal Society; Smith, Adam (1723-90); Social Structure: the rural working family; Socialism, history of; South Africa and Britain; Vikings and Britain: Viking settlement; Wales: The Principality.


    David Loades (Edited by)

    ALA/RUSA Outstanding Reference Source 2004