1st Edition

Reading Reasons Motivational Mini-Lessons for Middle and High School

By Kelly Gallagher Copyright 2003

    In Reading Reasons: Motivational Mini-Lessons for Middle and High School, author and teacher Kelly Gallagher offers a series of mini-lessons specifically tailored to motivate middle and high school students to read, and in doing so, to help them understand the importance and relevance reading will take in their lives. This book introduces and explains in detail nine specific "real-world" reasons why students should be readers. The book contains 40 practical, classroom-tested and reproducible mini-lessons that get to the heart of reading motivation and that can be used immediately in English and other content-area classrooms. These easy-to-use motivational lessons serve as weekly reading "booster shots" that help maintain reading enthusiasm in your classroom from September through June. The mini-lessons, ranging from 5-20 minutes in length, hit home with adolescents, and in turn, enable them to internalize the importance reading will play in their lives. Rather than telling students reading is good for them, the lessons in this book show them the benefits of reading.

    Introduction: Why Should i Read?; 1: Our Greatest Challenge; 2: The Nine Reading Reasons; 3: The Forty Mini-Lessons; 4: Developing your Own Reading Reason Lens


    Kelly, a baseballoholic and a self-described expert at negotiating airports, is in his 33rd year of teaching at the high school level. He currently teaches at Magnolia High School in Anaheim, California. He believes that there is no greater pleasure than teaching someone something. Teaching is artistic, it matters a great deal, and I can never get the job down perfectly. Kelly thinks that professional development should treat teachers as such - professionals. I know in the classroom that good things happen when my students have meaningful discussions. I know as a teacher myself that my craft sharpens when I am given the opportunity to have meaningful discussions with my peers. And let's have a laugh or two while we are at it. Writing his six books for Stenhouse was a solitary experience. Though I have written outlines prior to each of my books, I have yet to follow any of them step-by-step. That is why I find writing rewarding - because the act of writing itself generates new thinking, and new thinking is always exciting.

    "In the end, no matter what we teach, each of us wants to instill an appreciation for reading in our students. Reading Reasons helps to make that possible. It is an essential resource that teachers of middle and high school children will find immediately rewarding!" - Teacher Leaders Network