Reading to Write: A Textbook of Advanced Chinese  book cover
1st Edition

Reading to Write: A Textbook of Advanced Chinese

ISBN 9781138543812
Published August 15, 2018 by Routledge
126 Pages

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Book Description

Traditionally, reading and writing are believed to be separate but related language processes and teachers follow the conventional wisdom of teaching in-depth reading, with writing as a tag-on issue.

Therefore, there exists an increasingly urgent call for a well-rounded reading-writing curriculum and a theoretically-informed, empirically-based, student-centered advanced textbook that aims to develop the synergy between reading and writing. Reading to Write: A Textbook of Advanced Chinese is intended to fill this significant gap. It treats reading and writing as integrative parts and interactive skills in Chinese language teaching, putting them hand-in-hand, supplementing each other.

Table of Contents


Preface 前言

User’s guide 使用说明

1. Writing about events, part one 记事篇上

Writing guide 写作指导: key elements of event writing 记事要素

Model text 范文: an amusing account of exam preparations 备考趣记

Rhetoric 修辞: personification 拟人

Practical writing 应用文: email 电子邮件

2. Writing about events: part two 记事篇下

Writing guide 写作指导: detailed descriptions 细节描写

Model text 范文: a tune in the rain 雨中曲

Rhetoric 修辞: metaphors and similes 比喻

Practical writing 应用文: congratulatory words 祝词

3. Writing about people 写人篇

Writing guide 写作指导: capturing key traits 抓住特征

Model text 范文: mother’s smiles 妈妈的微笑

Rhetoric 修辞: parallelism 排比

Practical writing 应用文: letter of gratitude 感谢信

4. Writing about scenery, part one 绘景篇上

Writing guide 写作指导: careful observations 仔细观察

Model text 范文: impressions of Niagara Falls 尼亚加拉观瀑记

Rhetoric 修辞: exaggeration 夸张

Practical writing 应用文: posters 海报

5. Writing about scenery, part two 绘景篇下

Writing guide 写作指导: blending scenery and feelings 情景交融

Model text 范文: autumn colors on campus 校园秋色

Rhetoric 修辞: association 联想

Practical writing 应用文: cover letter for a job application求职信

6. Writing about feelings 抒情篇

Writing guide 写作指导: true feelings and beautiful expressions 情真意美

Model text 范文: musical charm 琴韵

Rhetoric 修辞: imagination 想象

Practical writing 应用文: résumé 简历

7. Persuasive writing 议论篇

Writing guide 写作指导: three methods of argumentation论证三法

Model text 范文: confidence and conceit自信与自负

Rhetoric 修辞: rhetorical question 反问

Practical writing 应用文: reader response 读后感


English translations of the model texts 课文英译

Vocabulary index 词汇索引

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Zu-yan Chen is a Professor of Chinese Language and Literature at Binghamton University, State University of New York. He holds the rank of SUNY Distinguished Teaching Professor. His publications include seven books and many articles spanning the fields of literature, history, philosophy, and language pedagogy.