1st Edition

Reading with Muriel Dimen/Writing with Muriel Dimen Experiments in Theorizing a Field

Edited By Stephen Hartman Copyright 2023
    316 Pages 2 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    316 Pages 2 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Reading with Muriel Dimen/Writing with Muriel Dimen: Experiments in Theorizing a Field is a collection of reading and writing experiments inspired by the late feminist psychoanalyst Muriel Dimen.

    Each of the six projects that comprise this volume explores a stylistic and thematic manner of reading and responding to Dimen’s work, challenging the field to write outside the standardized edition, and covering a remarkable breadth of essential analytic topics, such as sex, gender, money, love and hate, and boundary violations. As an homage to Dimen’s quest to engage the personal and the political in the author’s craft, and in collaboration with Dimen’s endeavour to foster revolution across the psychosocial landscape that renders psychoanalysis its field, the authors offer readers a wild analysis of reading and writing.

    Providing a clear introduction to and exploration of Muriel Dimen’s groundbreaking work, this book will prove essential for scholars of psychoanalysis, cultural studies, and gender studies, as well as anyone seeking to understand Dimen’s influence on psychoanalytic practice today.


    Virginia Goldner 

    Part One: Among Us: Reading and Writing with Muriel Dimen 

    Stephen Hartman

    Part Two: Politically Correct / Politically Incorrect - Redux and Revise 

    1. Editor's Note 

    Stephen Hartman

    2. Politically Correct? Politically Incorrect? 

    Muriel Dimen

    3. To Capture the Frenzied Politically In/Correct? 

    Katie Gentile 

    4. ELA

    Almas Merchant

    5. Note 

    Bettina Von Lieres

    6. In Muriel Dimen's Footsteps - Five Notes on the Politically Correct and Politically Coerced in Current Israeli Contexts 

    Chana Ullman

    7. Note 

    Fiona Anciano

    8. Note 

    Griffin Hansbury

    9. Stars and Stripes Forever 

    Joanna Wheller

    10. Making Life Accessible: A Note From the Suicidal to Society 

    J. R. Latham

    11. The Limitations of White Liberal Discourse: Political Correctness as Dual Defense 

    Lara Sheehi

    12. The Unresolved Questions Muriel Dimen Helped me Raise 

    Laura Trajber Waisbich

    13. On Political Correctness: A Plea for an Intersectional Frame 

    Lynne Layton

    14. The Political Incorrectness of Feminism in the Wake of Calls for Decolonization in South Africa 

    Nobukhosi Ngwenya

    15. The Politically Correct and Incorrectness of Intersectionality in Feminist Discourse 

    Shiri Raz

    16. Bring Back the Curbs on Political Incorrectness 

    Shylashri Shankar

    Part Three: On Money, Love, and Hate 

    1. Editor's Note 

    Stephen Hartman

    2. On Money, Love, and Hate: Contradiction and Paradox in Psychoanalysis 

    Muriel Dimen

    3. Good Night, See You Next Week 

    June Lee Kwon

    4. The Empty Platter 

    Jeff Jackson

    Part Four: Talking about Sexuality and Suffering or the Eew! Factor: What's a Nice Vanilla Analyst to Do? 

    1. Editor's Note 

    Stephen Hartman

    2. Sexuality and Suffering, Or the Eew! Factor 

    Muriel Dimen

    3. What's a Nice Vanilla Analyst to Do? An Intergenerational Conversation on Muriel Dimen's "The Eew Factor" 

    Lisa Buchberg and Emma Kaywin

    Part Five: Wild Times / Wild Analysis / Wild Revolution 

    1. Editor's Note 

    Stephen Hartman

    2. Inside the Revolution: Power, Sex, and Technique in Freud's "'Wild Analysis'" 

    Muriel Dimen

    3. The Wild, The Revolution, The Abject Social Imaginary, The Racialized Psychoanalytic Setting 

    Daniel G. Butler and Ken Corbett

    Part Six: Rotten Apples - Talking about It/Them/Us 

    1. Editor's Note 

    Stephen Hartman

    2. Rotten Apples and Ambivalence: Sexual Boundary Violations through a Psychocultural Lens 

    Muriel Dimen

    3. Paradise Lost: What Is Most Dangerous About Our Method - Muriel Dimen's 'Rotten Apples and Ambivalence': Sexual Boundary Violations Through a Psychocultural Lens 

    Velleda C. Ceccoli

    4. No Sex, Please. We're Psychoanalysts 

    Ann Pellegrini

    Part Seven: Of Ghosts and Groups 

    1. Editor's Note  

    Stephen Hartman

    2. Ghosts and the Sexual Boundary Violation: The Limits of an Idea 

    Muriel Dimen and LOC 148: Francisco Gonzalez, Orna Guralnik, Stephen Hartman, Julie Leavitt, Jade McGleughlin, and Eyal Rozmarin

    Part Eight: Afterword

    Adrienne Harris


    Stephen Hartman is an Editor-in-Chief of Psychoanalytic Dialogues and a former editor of Studies in Gender and Sexuality, faculty at the Psychoanalytic Institute of Northern California and NYU, and author of 40 articles and book chapters that explore the interface of technology and psychoanalysis through a psychosocial lens. Stephen practises in San Francisco and New York. His road bike and yoga mat are parked in Brooklyn.

    ‘Bringing together six of the most provocative of Muriel Dimen’s essays, Hartman wisely and playfully frames each with a team of invited commentaries that underscore Dimen’s unique way of mixing theory building, self-reflection, and political aims to enliven the psychoanalytic field. The commentaries form a diverse set of interdisciplinary, intergenerational, international and intersectionally informed writers respond to Dimen’s call for a wild practice, a revolutionizing form of psychoanalytic reasoning that does not lose sight of collective concerns of race, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, and class. Reading with Muriel Dimen / Writing with Muriel Dimen is a real treat: a brilliant and passionate conversation in which Muriel’s vision and voice are given to us fresh with insight for these times.’ 

    Patricia Ticineto Clough, professor of Sociology and Women’s Studies, psychoanalyst, and author of The User Unconscious