1st Edition

Readings on the Character of Hamlet compiled from over three hundred sources.

By Claude C H Williamson Copyright 2005
    800 Pages
    by Routledge

    800 Pages
    by Routledge

    First published in 1950.

    This volume contains the essence of over three hundred well-known literary critics who, between 1661 and 1947, considered the great literary riddle of the years

    · Entries arranged chronologically by date of publication
    · International authorship of material

    Half-title; Title Page; Copyright Page; Original Title Page; Original Copyright Page; Table of Contents; The Grounds of Criticism in Tragedy; Diary; Diary; Preface to Shakespeare; Notes and Observations on the Empress of Morocco Revised; Religio Bibliopolæ; Ancient and Modern Stages Surveyed; Roscius Anglicanus; Discourse upon Comedy; Tatler, No. 91; Spectator; Advice to an Author; Some Remarks on the Tragedy of Hamlet; An Apology; Tom Jones; Critical Observations on Shakespeare; 1757; Letter; 1765; Preface to Shakespeare; Theatre Complet; Essay on the Genius and Writings of ShakespeareLetter to William Mason; 1772; Essays on Shakespeare's Dramatic Characters; Parody on the Soliloquy in Hamlet; Wilhelm Meister; The Plays of William Shakespeare; The Mirror; Remarks, etc; 1784; Chronological Order of Shakespeare's Plays; The Chronological Order of Shakespeare's Plays; 1799; Notes and Lectures on Shakespeare; etc; Literatur und Kunst; Letter to Sir George Beaumont; Dramatic Art and Literature; Letter; The Tragedies of Shakespeare; Letters on Shakespeare; Characters of Shakespeare' s Plays; 1827; Essays and Marginalia; Byron and Shelley on the Character of HamletDramatische Bla?tter; Lectures on Poetry; Characteristics of Women; from The Examiner; Vermischte Schriften; Burleigh and His Times; Shakespeare Papers; Letter; Shakespeare's Autobiographic Poems; Sketches of English Literature; Letter; Essays and Poems; Shakespeare's Dramatic Art; Shakespeare's Heroines; Works, Vol. III; New Illustration of the Life, Studies and Writings of Shakespeare; Works Vol. 1; c. 1844; Berliner Modenspiegel; The Quarterly Review; in The American Journal of Insanity; Lectures on Shakespeare; Shakespeare's Hamlet; In The Christian RemembrancerA Gallery of Literary Portraits; Life in Victoria; On Hamlet; Life of Goethe; The Mill on the Floss; Two Years Ago; c. 1855; Shakespeare's Characters; Kritische Ga?nge; Notes and Comments on Certain Plays and Actors of Shakespeare; William Shakespeare; Life and Genius of Shakespeare; Essays on Shakespeare; Etudes Contemporaires; Sesame and Lilies; William Shakespeare; History of English Literature; The Mad Folk of Shakespeare; Studies, Biographical and Literary; Memoirs of Joseph Grimaldi; Introduction to a translation of Hamlet; Introduction to a translation of HamletIntroduction to Hamlet; Hamlet, an Essay; The Poet at the Breakfast Table; The Shakespeare Treasury of Wit and Knowledge; Introduction to Hamlet; Munera Pulveris; in The Journal of Speculative Philosophy; Shakespeare as Tragic Writer; Characteristics of English Poets; Shakespeare, A Critical Study of his Mind and Art; From an Actor's Promptbook; The Philosophy of Hamlet; On Actors and the Art of Acting; A Study of Hamlet; Body and Mind; English Dramatic Literature; in the Revue des Deux Mardes; Shakespeare Commentaries; Wit, Humor and Shakespeare;


    C H Williamson Claude