1st Edition

Reagan Versus The Sandinistas The Undeclared War On Nicaragua

    The product of research and investigation by a team of sixteen authors, Reagan versus the Sandinistas is the most comprehensive and current study to date of the Reagan administration's mounting campaign to reverse the Sandinista revolution. The authors thoroughly examine all major aspects of Reagan's "low-intensity war," from the U.S. government's attempts at economic destabilization to direct CIA sabotage and the sponsorship of the contras or freedom fighters. They also explore less-public tactics such as electronic penetration, behind-the-scenes manipulation of religious and ethnic tensions, and harassment of U.S. Nicaraguan specialists and "fellow travelers." The book concludes with a consideration of the impact of these activities and their implications for international law, U.S. interests, U.S. polity, and Nicaragua itself. Reagan versus the Sandinistas is designed not only for courses on Latin America, U.S. foreign policy, and international relations, but also for students, scholars, and others interested in understanding one of the most massive, complex efforts—short of direct intervention—organized by the United States to overthrow the government of another country.

    Preface -- Introduction -- The Assault on Nicaragua -- The Covert War -- Military Encirclement -- Economic Aggression as an Instrument of Low-Intensity Warfare -- The Manipulation of Indigenous Struggles -- The Manipulation of the Religion Issue -- Electronic Penetration -- The Diplomatic Front -- The Home Front -- Selling the Policy -- The U.S. Media: Covering (Over) Nicaragua -- The Contras and Congress -- The Harassment of Nicaraguanists and Fellow Travelers -- Impact and Implications -- The Social Impact in Nicaragua -- The Issues of International Law, Morality, and Prudence -- U.S. Polity and Society: The Lessons of Nicaragua


    Thomas W. Walker, professor of political science at Ohio University, is the author of Nicaragua: The Land of Sandino (second edition, 1986, Westview).