3rd Edition

Real Life Heroes Life Storybook

By Richard Kagan Copyright 2017
    244 Pages
    by Routledge

    244 Pages
    by Routledge

    Real Life Heroes Life Storybook, 3rd Edition is a resourceful tool for children with traumatic stress. The resiliency-centered format and structure of the volume is coupled with treatment and sessions outlined in the Real Life Heroes Toolkit for Treating Traumatic Stress in Children and Families. This updated edition uses a creative arts approach, encouraging children to work with dependable adults to develop autobiographies through a wide range of activities, including drawings, music, movies, and narrative. By helping children feel protection from adversity and stressors that exist in everyday life, this workbook gives children a sense of value that can promote transformation of troubled children from victims into tomorrow's heroes.

    Preface  Introduction for Parents and Caring Adults  Cover Sheet  The Pledge  About the Author  1. The Heroes Challenge  2. A Little About Me  3. Heroes  4. Power Plans  5. My Family  6. Important People  7. Mind Power  8. Changing the Story  9. Looking Back  10. Through the ‘Tough Times’  11. Into the Future  12. My Story


    Richard Kagan, PhD, is the author and co-author of 10 books on treatment and services for children and families with traumatic stress and has published over 30 articles, chapters, and papers on practice and research issues in trauma therapy, child welfare, foster care, adoption, professional development, program evaluation, and quality improvement in family service and behavioral healthcare programs.

    Real Life Heroes Storybook is a resiliency masterpiece. Built on the historical Hero Archetype, Dr. Kagan invites traumatized children to acknowledge their courage, express their sorrow, and embrace the hero’s path to healing. Real Life Heroes Storybook provides creative resiliency based interventions that guide traumatized children through their pain into recovery by discovering and utilizing their internal strengths and significant personal relationships to overcome adversity and become the real heroes of their own lives.”—James Henry, PhD, director, Western Michigan University Children's Trauma Assessment Center

    “The third edition of the Real Life Heroes Storybook is an impressive continuation of Dr. Kagan’s already long list of contributions to supporting stronger, healthier, and more resourced outcomes for young people who have experienced traumatic stress. Through the use of ritual, psychoeducation, expressive strategies, skill-building, narrative, and relational engagement, the workbook provides a powerful tool to promote healing in trauma-impacted youth. The language in the workbook is child, caregiver, and provider-friendly, and the facilitated process of self-examination is empowering rather than pathologizing. Dr. Kagan truly believes that every child and every caregiver has the potential to be a hero—and that “heroism” is often found in every day actions—and this vision shines through in his work.”—Margaret Blaustein, PhD, co-author, Treating Traumatic Stress in Children and Adolescents; The Trauma Center at Justice Resource Institute

    Real Life Heroes Life Storybook and Toolkit provides an effective step by step process for clinicians and caregivers to guide children and family members in making sense of the pain in their lives that is due to past trauma. The process provided in RLH is comprehensive in its treatment components. However, what strikes me most is how RLH very tenderly and carefully enables the survivor to recognize that their memories and the subsequent resulting emotions move / fluctuate and will need some anchoring based in the reality of their innocence. In addition, RLH enables practice for survivors in how to effectively handle the sensory based triggers that will assault them in the future. I unequivocally recommend both Real Life Heroes Life Storybook and Toolkit for practitioners.”—William E Painter Jr, MS, senior director, Clinical Practice, Child and Family Center of Excellence, Institute for Family Centered Services / The Mentor Network


    "Providing a step-by-step process through which to guide children, the information and activities in this book can help build/rebuild a sense of safety, enhance supportive relationships and attachments and start to generate hope and positivity for the future. (...) for those who are committed to engaging in this therapeutic process with a child, this book is an excellent resource for doing so." - Youthinmind