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Real Lives in Global Perspective

About the Series

This series will present five books designed to introduce first year university students to global history from 1500 to the present. Conceived as a supplement to the traditional textbook, the series aims to encourage effective teaching by embedding historical information within compelling biographies. The books will juxtapose figures facing similar situations in different geographical regions, with one book for each century, each containing four sets of biographies.

The purpose of this series is to teach key social, economic, political, and cultural developments in world history using biography as a framework to anchor the student. Books in the series will address themes appropriate to each century including the connections, circulations, and interactions of an increasingly connected world. Each book will include individuals selected to complement and illustrate the overall theme of the volume and large-scale historical developments. Seeking balance in terms of gender, spheres of life, and geographic diversity, the books will feature people in different social situations engaged in a variety of activities. Instead of providing a serial history of one civilization after another, the chapters will include a number of actors in transit between locations and cultures and cover important trade-networks, oceans, frontiers, borderlands, and diasporas.

Routledge invites academics and researchers to submit book proposals for the series. Please contact the Series Editor or Routledge Commissioning Editor for more information and proposal guidelines.

Series Editor, Rebecca Ard Boon ([email protected])

Commissioning Editor, Lydia de Cruz ([email protected])

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Real Lives in the Sixteenth Century A Global Perspective

Real Lives in the Sixteenth Century: A Global Perspective

1st Edition

By Rebecca Ard Boone
April 18, 2018

Real Lives in the Sixteenth Century presents a global history using four sets of biographies to illustrate similar situations in different geographical regions. The vibrant narratives span four continents and include the following pairs: Henry IV of France and Hideyoshi of Japan, Hürrem Sultan (...

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