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    Real Metaphysics brings together new articles by leading metaphysicians to honour Hugh Mellor's outstanding contribution to metaphysics. Some of the most outstanding minds of current times shed new light on all the main topics in metaphysics: truth, causation, dispositions and properties, explanation, and time. At the end of the book, Hugh Mellor responds to the issues raised by each of the thirteen contributors and gives us new insight into his own highly influential work on metaphysics.

    I. Introduction, Hallvard Lillehammers and Gonzalo Rodriguez-Pereyra II. Truthmakers for Modal Truths, David Armstrong III. Things qua Truthmakers, David Lewis (with Gideon Rosen) IV. Minimalism: the Facts, Peter Smith V. Truth and the Theory of Communication, Chris Daly VI. Subjective Facts, Tim Crane VII From H20 to Water: the Relevance to A Priori Passage, Frank Jackson VII. Epiphenomenalism and Causal Asymmetry, Paul Noordhof IX. Is Causation a Genuine Relation, Peter Menzies X. Dispositions and Conditionals, Isaac Levi XI. Structural Properties, Alexander Bird XII Laws , Explanations and the Reduction of Possiblities, Arnold Koslow XIII. What is Wrong with the Relational Theory of Change? XIV. Presentism: a Critique, L Nathan Oaklander XV. Real Metaphysics: Replies, D H Mellor. Index.


    Hallvard Lillehammer, Gonzalo Rodriguez-Pereyra