1st Edition

Real World modo: The Authorized Guide In the Trenches with modo

By Wes McDermott Copyright 2010
    348 Pages
    by Routledge

    by Routledge

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    Explore one of the most exciting 3D tools on the market, modo, with Real-World modo - the  Luxology approved, concept and principle- driven guide.  Learn to apply the revolutionary, artist-friendly modo toolset with its powerful 3D rendering engine to your project workflows.  In a clear, motivating, and entertaining style, Luxology insider, Wes McDermott, provides captivating 3D imagery, real world observations, and valuable tips and tricks all in one place - an invaluable resource for any digital artist.

    Explore 3D techniques and principles with chapters on modelling, UV mapping, texturing, animation, lighting and rendering. Learn to leverage the technical elements of the modo rendering engine including Antialaising, Shading Rate and Irradiance Caching from an artist's perspective.  Integrate modo with other 3D applications such as Maya and Mudbox and learn to properly setup a linear rendering workflow within modo.  For practical, hands-on techniques, you can visit www.wesmcdermott.com for video walk-throughs that further enhance the coverage in the book.

    Real World Modo

    Table of Contents:

    Chapter 1: Trench warfare: Working as a 3D artist

    Chapter 2: Becoming a modo-nauhght The modo interface and modo architecture

    Chapter 3: Modeling

    Chapter 4: UV Mapping: Becoming a Taxidermist

    Chapter 5: Texturing

    Chapter 6: Animation

    Chapter 7: Camera and Staging: Bringing it all in focus

    Chapter 8: Lighting and Rendering: Making the Difference

    Chapter 9: Advanced Rendering: Working in Linear Space

    Chapter 10: Integrating modo into your pipeline

    Chapter 11: Interactive 3D Design

    Chapter 12: Closing


    By Wes McDermott, Wes has been a professional 3D artist for 10 years, working in video production and print design. For the past six years, Wes has been the Multi-Media Developer for UPS Airlines at the Flight Training Center. He creates various 3D elements for video and interactive online training. Published in HDRI 3D magazine and a featured artist at Luxology.com, Wes has participated in beta tests for both Luxology and Autodesk, leading 3D software companies.

    "Real World Modo is excellent for experienced users and beginners alike. Wes McDermott's writing is accessible to users of all skill levels, and his topics are well thought-out and easy to follow. Real World Modo is now an important part of our organization's education library."

    -John Kabus, Founder & President, Synapse Gaming

    "A pragmatic and often personal guide to using modo (and by extension, 3D software in general) to get the job done.  This book is less about theory, and highly focused on results.  Wes gently but firmly guides you through the process with a steady hand and insight borne from untold thousands of hours using the software.  It's like having a modo buddy who takes the time to tell you what you really need to know to use the software effectively."

    -Bob Bennett, Luxology