1st Edition

Real-time Simulation for Sustainable Production Enhancing User Experience and Creating Business Value

    242 Pages 32 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    242 Pages 32 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This book provides a comprehensive overview of potential opportunities and the business value position related to implementing physics-based real-time simulation to production. The objective of real-time simulation is to provide value for all three dimensions of sustainability: economic, social, and environmental.

    By reviewing actual industrial cases and presenting relevant academic research, the book examines the topic from four interrelated viewpoints: the industrial need for sustainable production, the development of game-like virtual environments, capturing customer value and enhancing the user experience, and finally, establishing business value. It offers a framework that will enable a rethink and shift in mindset to appreciate how real-time simulation can change the way products are manufactured and services are produced.

    This book will appeal to researchers and scholars in areas as diverse as strategic management, manufacturing and operations management, marketing, industrial economics, and product lifecycle management.

    1 Creating Value with Sustainable Production based on Real-Time Simulation Minna Saunila, Juhani Ukko, Janne Heikkinen, Scott Semken, Aki Mikkola; Part I: Industrial needs of sustainable production; 2 Identifying industrial needs for real-time simulation and digital twins Lea Hannola, Ilkka Donoghue, Kirsi Kokkonen, Kalle Elfvengren, Jorma Papinniemi; 3 Company capabilities and implementing real-time activities Mina Nasiri, Juhani Ukko, Minna Saunila, Tero Rantala; 4 Real-time simulation strategies: Implications for operational excellence and sustainability performance Minna Saunila, Mina Nasiri, Juhani Ukko; 5 Selling Digital Twins in Business-to-Business Markets Tuija Rantala, Kirsi Kokkonen, Lea Hannola; Part II: Game-like virtual environments; 6 Accelerating Design Processes Using Data-Driven Models Emil Kurvinen, Iines Suninen, Grzegorz Orzechowski, Jin H. Choi, Jin-Gyun Kim, Aki Mikkola; 7 Gamification and the marketing of agricultural machinery Suraj Jaiswal, Anssi Tarkiainen, Tuhin Choudhury, Jussi Sopanen, Aki Mikkola; 8 Added value from virtual sensors Janne Heikkinen, Emil Kurvinen, Jussi Sopanen; 9 The Technical-Business Aspects of Two Mid-Size Manufacturing Companies Implementing a Joint Simulation Model Manouchehr Mohammadi, Kalle Elfvengren, Qasim Khadim, Aki Mikkola; Part III: Capturing customer value and user experience; 10 Implementing Digital Twins to Enhance Digitally Extended Product-Service Systems Ilkka Donoghue, Lea Hannola, Antti Sääksvuori; 11 The expected benefits of utilizing simulation in manufacturing companies: Insights from a Delphi study Kalle Elfvengren, Manouchehr Mohammadi, Ville Kalliola, Lea Hannola; 12 Integrating the User Experience throughout the Product Lifecycle with Real-Time Simulation-Based Digital Twins Qasim Khadim, Lea Hannola, Ilkka Donoghue, Aki Mikkola, Esa-Pekka Kaikko, Tero Hukkataival; Part IV: Value for business; 13 The digital twin combined with real-time performance measurement in lean manufacturing Mira Holopainen, Juhani Ukko, Minna Saunila, Tero Rantala, Hannu Rantanen; 14 Using Real-time Simulation in Company Value Chains and Business Models for Value Creation Maya Kristina Cheikh-el-Chabab, Olli Kuivalainen, Ulf R. Andersson, Roope Eskola, Aki Mikkola; 15 A model and propositions for the implementation of a digital twin Juhani Ukko, Tero Rantala, Mina Nasiri, Minna Saunila; 16 Managing Digital-twin lifecycle – Recognition and Handling of Business Risks Tero Rantala, Minna Saunila, Juhani Ukko, Aki Mikkola, Juha Kortelainen, Akhtar Zeb


    Juhani Ukko is a senior researcher at LUT University, School of Engineering Science, Department of Industrial Engineering and Management, Finland. His current research focuses on performance measurement, operations management, digital transformation, digital services, and corporate sustainability performance.

    Minna Saunila is a senior researcher at LUT University, School of Engineering Science, Department of Industrial Engineering and Management, Finland. Her research covers topics related to performance management, innovation, service operations, and sustainable value creation.

    Janne Heikkinen works as a post-doctoral researcher in Laboratory of Machine Dynamics at LUT. His research interests are in the fields of rotordynamics, structural vibrations, multibody simulation, and vibration measurements.

    R. Scott Semken is a senior researcher at the LUT University School of Energy Systems, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Finland, working in the Laboratory of Computational Mechanics.

    Aki Mikkola is working as Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at LUT University, Finland. His major research activities are related to flexible multibody dynamics, real-time simulation, rotating structures, and biomechanics.