1st Edition

Realism, Idealism and International Politics a reinterpretation

By Martin Griffiths Copyright 1995

    First published in 1992. Martin Griffiths' book provides a reinterpretation of the terms 'realism' and 'idealism' in international relations, and a thorough critical examination of three key figures in international theory: Hane Morgenthau, Kenneth Waltz and Hedley Bull. This is an important book proving a compelling basis for conceiving international politics as a 'rule-governed' arena among states. It will be of great interest to scholars and students of international relations.

    1 Introduction 2 A Framework for Analysis: Realism Versus Idealisms 3 Hans Morgenthau: Theory as Truth 4 Hans Morgenthau: A Critical Analysis 5 Kenneth Waltz: Theory as Sceince 6 Kenneth Waltz: A Critical Analysis 7 Hedley Bull: Theory as Tradiation 8 Hedley Bull: A Critical Analysis 9 Conclusions


    Martin Griffiths is a Lecturer in Politics at Flinders University, Australia.