1st Edition

Realizing the Promise of Corporate Portals

By Cindy Gordon, Jose Claudio Terra Copyright 2003
    452 Pages
    by Routledge

    by Routledge

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    Thoughtful and provocative, 'Realizing the Promise of Corporate Portals' illustrates the vast potential of corporate portals and what your company can do to implement them for business success. Based on the authors' extensive backgrounds and consulting focused on implementing corporate portals this exciting new book extends IT theory into business strategy.

    Terra and Gordon explore the components and architecture of typical corporate portals and fundamental issues in knowledge management. Geared for decision makers at the executive level, this book provides a comprehensive view of the market landscape, powerful and detailed case studies, and collected best practices and lessons learned to help organizations successfully implement corporate portals. The book also includes detailed checklists necessary for selecting and implementing appropriate corporate portal technical solutions.

    Learn from their detailed case studies of hugely successful corporate portal implementations, including:
    * ADC Telecommunications Inc.
    * Bain & Company
    * Bank of Montreal
    * Context Integration
    * Eli Lilly
    * Hill & Knowlton
    * Nortel Networks
    * SERPRO
    * Siemens
    * Texaco
    * Xerox

    Introduction; Part I: the foundation: The networked and knowledge era and corporate portals; Knowledge management in the networked era; Key components of a corporate portal platform; Implementing corporate portals: key lessons; Concluding remarks; Part II: detailed case studies; ADC Telecommunications Inc., the broadband company; Bain & Company; Bank of Montreal; Context Integration; Eli Lilly; Hill & Knowlton; Nortel Networks; SERPRO, Information Services Agency from the Brazilian Federal Government; Siemens; Texaco; Xerox, the Document Company; Appendix A: leading vendors; Appendix B: technical criteria to select a corporate portal platform.


    José Cláudio Terra, Cindy Gordpson

    "This book should be a first read for managers of knowledge-intensive enterprises and a must read for IT professionals who implement Corporate Knowledge Portals. Claudio Terra and Cindy Gordon provide excellent insights into the role and functions of CKPs. They provide an unusual understanding of how CKPs change the way business is conducted to improve enterprise performance. This understanding is crucial to ensure successful and effective portal implementations and has been missing from most books and articles." - Karl M. Wiig, Chairman & CEO, Knowledge Research Institute

    "Corporate portals are at the leading edge of knowledge management practice. Terra's and Gordon's book provides valuable insight into this key area of business innovation. This book will be of interest to academics as well as practitioners. Anyone who is involved in developing or managing corporate KM initiatives will find many useful learnings in this book about portal solutions, their technical solutions, their performance metrics, and the organizational roles, strategies, and cultures that support successful KM-oriented portals." - Charles H. Davis, Ph.D., Professor, Management of Technological Change, University of New Brunswick

    "Corporate portals are key to knowledge management as well as a host of productivity improvements within and across enterprises. Anyone involved in developing a corporate portal will benefit from reading this book, but it will be particularly valuable for CEOs, without whose active support a comprehensive portal is impossible to create. The authors' emphasis on the human side of portals highlights critical organizational and cultural issues that are often overlooked. The case studies provide valuable guidance to the efforts required to create a portal and the benefits that it can deliver." - Rick Stuckey, retired Accenture senior partner responsible for Global KM

    "Terra and Gordon have managed to write a book that is unique in that it is equally valuable for professionals with business AND IT backgrounds. By clearly linking Corporate Portals and KM to business goals, the authors help organizations to justify why such projects should be implemented. The book relies on in-depth case studies that are presented in a very structured, objective and pragmatic way. It is a must read for practitioners." - Juliano Benatti, Head of Ericsson University, Region Latin America