1st Edition

Reason in the Service of Faith Collected Essays of Paul Helm

By Paul Helm, Oliver Crisp, Daniel Hill Copyright 2023

    Paul Helm is a distinguished philosopher, with particular interests in the philosophy of religion. His work covers some of the most important aspects of the field as it has developed in the last thirty years with particular contributions to metaphysics, religious epistemology, and philosophical theology. In celebration of Helm’s life’s work, Reason in the Service of Faith brings together a range of his essays which reflect these central concerns of his thought.

    Over thirty of Helm's selected essays and four unpublished articles are gathered into five parts: Metaphilosophical Issues; Action, Change, and Personal Identity; Epistemology; God; and Creation, Providence, and Prayer. The volume is prefaced with a short editorial introduction, and ends with an extensive bibliography of Helm’s published works.

    Demonstrating the important connection between Helm’s theological and philosophical interests across his body of work, this collection is a remarkable resource for scholars of religion, philosophy, and theology.


    Editor's Introduction 

    Part 1. Metaphilosophical Issues 

    1. On Pancritical Irrationalism 

    2. Understanding Scholarly Presuppositions 

    3. The Perfect and the Particular 

    4. A Plea for Objectivity 

    5. Anthropomorphism Protestant Style: Two Current Approaches 

    Part 2. Action, Change and Personal Identity 

    6. Pretending and Intending 

    7. Pike on Prior on Action 

    8. Are 'Cambridge Changes' Non-events? 

    9. Detecting Change 

    10. A Theory of Disembodied Survival and Re-embodied Existence 

    11. Locke's Theory of Personal Identity  Part 3. Epistemology 

    12. Revealed Propositions and Timeless Truths 

    13. Locke on Faith and Knowledge 

    14. Does the Authority of a Tradition Exclude the Possibility of Change? 

    15. Two Ideas of Revelation 

    16. Speaking and Revealing 

    17. The Indispensability of Belief to Religion 

    18. Wittgensteinian Religion and 'Reformed' Epistemology 

    19. Why was Thomas Reid not a 'Reformed' Epistemologist? 

    20. Faith, Evidence and the Scriptures 

    Part 4. God 

    21. God and Whatever Comes to Pass 

    22. Grace and Causation 

    23. God and Spacelessness 

    24. The Impossibility of Divine Impassibility 

    25. Omniscience and Eternity 

    26. Divine Timeless Eternity 

    27. The Augustinian-Calvinist View 

    28. Eternal Creation 

    29. The Problem of Dialogue 

    30. Divine Causation and Analogy 

    Part 5. Creation, Providence and Prayer 

    31. Universalism and the Threat of Hell 

    32. Asking God 

    33. Prayer and Providence 

    34. Preserving Perseverance 

    35. Providence and Compatibilism 

    36. The Plan of God 

    37. Starting to Be and Ceasing to Be 

    38. Can God Love the World? 

    39. All Things Considered: Providence and Divine Purpose 

    40. Of God's Eternal Decree 

    Bibliography: Publications of Paul Helm 



    Paul Helm is Emeritus Professor of the History and Philosophy of Religion at King’s College, London, UK. He has also taught at Regent College, Vancouver; Highland Theological College, Scotland; and the University of Liverpool, UK.

    Oliver D. Crisp is Principal of St Mary’s College and Head of the School of Divinity, University of St Andrews, UK.

    Daniel J. Hill is Senior Lecturer in the Department of Philosophy, University of Liverpool, UK, and is the Chair of the Tyndale Fellowship’s Study Group in Philosophy of Religion.