1st Edition

Recasting the Nation in Twentieth-Century Argentina

Edited By Benjamin Bryce, David Sheinin Copyright 2023
    244 Pages 19 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    244 Pages 19 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Recasting the Nation in Twentieth-Century Argentina tackles the meaning of "the nation" by looking to the geographical, ideological, and political peripheries of society.

    What it means to be Argentine has long consumed writers, political leaders, and many others. For almost two centuries prominent figures have defined national values while looking out from the urban centers of the country and above all Buenos Aires. They have described the nation in terms of urban experience and, secondarily, by surrounding frontiers; they have focused on the country’s European heritage and advanced an entangled vision of race and space. The chapters in this book take a dynamic new approach. While scholars and political leaders have routinely ignored the country’s many peripheries, the Argentine nation cannot be reasonably understood without them. Those on the margins also defined core tenets of the nation.

    This volume will be vital reading for those interested in how Latin American societies emerged over the past two centuries and for those curious about how ideas outside of the mainstream come to define national identities.


    Recasting the Nation in Twentieth Century Argentina

    by Benjamin Bryce and David M.K. Sheinin


    Cultural Pluralism Written in Stone: Ethnic Monuments in the 1910 Argentine Centennial

    by Benjamin Bryce


    Modest Pleasures: Shopping and the Formation of the Middle-Class Consumer, 1913-1940

    Donna J. Guy


    Questioning the Binary: Two Women’s Tortuous Journeys to the Other Side of the Political Barricades, 1919-1946

    Sandra McGee Deutsch


    The Mines of Trapalanda in Our Souls: Race, Space, and Myth in National Identity

    Carolyne L. Ryan


    "Nuestras Malvinas": Nation and Territory in Argentine Traveler Accounts, 1936-1971

    Sebastián Carassai


    Third World Argentina: Seventies Activism, Surveillance, and the Politics of National Comparison

    Eduardo Elena


    The Year Censorship Broke: Public Criticism and the Cultural Battle for a New Argentina, 1980-1981

    David M. K. Sheinin


    Sexuality, Citizenship, and Nation in Argentina’s Transition to Democracy

    Natalia Milanesio


    The Congreso Pedagógico: Church, State, and Education in Post-Dictatorship Argentina, 1983-1991

    Jennifer Adair


    National Imagination and Periodization in Modern Argentine History

    Jorge Nállim



    Benjamin Bryce is Associate Professor of History at the University of British Columbia. He is the author of The Boundaries of Ethnicity: German Immigration and the Language of Belonging in Ontario (2022) and To Belong in Buenos Aires: Germans, Argentines, and the Rise of a Pluralist Society (2018).

    David M.K. Sheinin is Professor of History at Trent University and Académico Correspondiente of the Academia Nacional de la Historia de la República Argentina. His most recent book is The New Pan-Americanism and the Structuring of Inter-American Relations (2022).