1st Edition

Recent Advances in Differential Equations

By H-H Dai, P.L. Sachdev Copyright 1998
    256 Pages
    by Chapman & Hall

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    The First Pan-China Conference on Differential Equations was held in Kunming, China in June of 1997. Researchers from around the world attended-including representatives from the US, Canada, and the Netherlands-but the majority of the speakers hailed from China and Hong Kong. This volume contains the plenary lectures and invited talks presented at that conference, and provides an excellent view of the research on differential equations being carried out in China.
    Most of the subjects addressed arose from actual applications and cover ordinary and partial differential equations. Topics include:

    Advances in the Asymptotic and Numerical Solution of Linear Ordinary Differential Equations, F.W.J. Olver
    Some Unsolved Problems in Asymptotics, R. Wong
    Periodic Solutions and Heteroclinic Cycles in the Convection Model of a Rotating Fluid Layer, J. Li and X.H. Zhao
    The Equivalence of Exponential Stability for Impulsive Time-Delay Differential Systems, Z.-H. Guan, Y.-C. Zhou, and X.-P. He
    Conditions for Identity of Bifurcations in Cubic Hamiltonian Systems with Symmetry or Nonsymmetry Perturbations, Z. Liu, H. Cao, and J. Li
    Long Time Behavior for the Generalized Ginzburg-Landau Equations, B. Guo
    The Inverse Scattering Transform for a Variable-Coefficient KdV Equations (with Applications to Shallow Water Waves), H.-H. Dai
    The Semigroup Theory and Abstract Linear Equations, G. Yang
    A Unified Approach Towards Nonlinear Parabolic Equations with Strong Reaction in Rn, Y.-W. Qi
    Global Existence of Smooth Solution to Boltzmann-Poisson System in Semiconductor Physics, G. Cui and Y. Wang
    Analytical Methods for a Selection of Elliptic Singular Perturbation Problems, N.M. Temme
    Exponential Attractors of the Strongly Damped Nonlinear Wave Equations, Z. Dai and B. Guo
    Generalized Isovorticity Principle for Ideal Magnetohydrodynamics, V.A. Vladimirov and K.I. Ilin
    Scroll Waves in Excitable Media and the Motion of Organization Center, Q. Lu and S. Liu
    Transport Equations for a General Class of Evolution Equations, M.Z. Guo and X.P. Wang
    a-Times Integrated Cosine Function, G. Yang
    Identifying Parameters in Elliptic Systems by Finite Element Methods with Multi-Level Initializing, Y.F. Seid and J. Zou Techniques
    Monotone Difference Schemes for Two Dimensional Nonhomogeneous Conservation Laws, T. Tang and Z.-H. Teng


    Dai, H-H; Sachdev, P.L.