1st Edition

Recent Advances in Life-Testing and Reliability

By N. Balakrishnan Copyright 1995
    658 Pages
    by CRC Press

    672 Pages
    by CRC Press

    This unique volume presents chapters written on the areas of life-testing and reliability by many well-known researchers who have contributed significantly to these two areas over the years. Chapters cover a wide range of topics such as inference under censoring and truncation, reliability growth models, designs to improve quality, prediction techniques, Bayesian analysis of reliability, multivariate methods, accelerated testing, and more. The book is written in an easy-to-follow style, first presenting the necessary theoretical details and then illustrating the methods with a numerical examples wherever possible. Many tables and graphs that are essential for the use of some of the new methodologies are presented throughout the volume. Numerous examples provide the reader with a clear understanding of the methods presented as well as with insight into the applications of these results.

    Alonzo Clifford Cohen Jr. Part I: Reliability 1. Analysis of Reliability Data Using Subsurvival Functions and Censoring Models 2. A Bayesian Approach to the Analysis of Reliability Data Bases 3. Analysis of Repair Data with Two Measures of Usage 4. Assessing the Effect of In-Service Inspections on the Reliability of Degrading Components 5. Models and Analyses for the Reliability of A Single Repairable System 6. Sequential Procedures in Software Reliability Testing 7. Prediction of Fatigue Life that Would Result if Defects are Eliminated 8. Role of Field Performance Data and Its Analysis 9. Analysis of Experiments for Reliability Improvement and Robust Reliability 10. Unity Values for Bayes Reliability Demonstration Testing 11. Standard Errors for the Mean Number of Repairs on Systems from a Finite Population 12. Accelerated Reliability Growth Methodologies and Models 13. The Reliability Physics of Thermodynamic Aging 14. Reliability in Design 15. Bounds and Limit Theorems for Coherent Reliability Part II: Reliability Growth 16. A Reliability Growth Model Under Inherent and Assignable-Cause Failures 17. Reliability Growth: Nonhomogeneous Poisson Process 18. Reliability Growth - Early Models and Some Recent Developments 19. Recent Advances in Experimental Design Analysis for Reliability Growth Programs Part III: Parametric Models and Inference 20. Likelihood Ratio Confidence Intervals in Life-Data Analysis 21. Statistical Analysis of Life or Strength Data from Specimens of Various Sizes Using the Power-(Log)Normal Model 22. Maximum Likelihood Estimation for the Log-gamma Distribution under Type-II Censored Samples and Associated Inference 23. Maximum Likelihood Estimation for the Three-parameter Log-gamma Distribution Under Type-II Censoring 24. Likelihood and Modified Likelihood Estimation for Distributions with Unknown Endpoints 25. Some Tests for Discriminating Between Lognormal and Weibull Distributions - An Application to Emissions Data 26. Choosing a Model from


    Balakrishnan, N.