Recent Advances in Materials, Mechanics and Management : Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Materials, Mechanics and Management (IMMM 2017), July 13-15, 2017, Trivandrum, Kerala, India book cover
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Recent Advances in Materials, Mechanics and Management
Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Materials, Mechanics and Management (IMMM 2017), July 13-15, 2017, Trivandrum, Kerala, India

ISBN 9780815378891
Published May 20, 2019 by CRC Press
540 Pages

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Book Description

 These proceedings present a selection of papers presented at the 3rd International Conference on Materials Mechanics and Management 2017 (IMMM 2017), which was jointly organized by the Departments of Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Architecture of College of Engineering Trivandrum.

Developments in the fields of materials, mechanics and management have paved the way for overall improvements in all aspects of human life. The quest for meeting the requirements of the rapidly increasing population has led to revolutionary construction and production technologies aiming at optimum management and use of natural resources.

The objective of this conference was to bring together experts from academic institutions, industries, research organizations and professionals for sharing of knowledge, expertise and experience in the emerging trends related to Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Architecture. IMMM 2017 provided opportunities for young researchers to actively engage in research discussions, new research interests, research ethics and professional development.

Table of Contents

Civil engineering

Geotechnical engineering

Geotechnical utilisation of biosolids in Trivandrum; a feasibility study
S. Sajna, A.B. Bhaskar & K. Kannan

A framework for prediction of compaction parameters in standard proctor tests
G. Sreelekshmy Pillai & P. Vinod

Bio-enzyme stabilisation of Kaolinitic clay
E.J. Joseph & M.K. Sayida

Design of amended marine clay liner
S. Meenu Nair, A.R. Ajitha, S. Chandrakaran & S. Evageline

Model studies on footing in sand fills over soft clay and inclusion of skirts
P. Neelima & J. Bindu

Utilization of waste from KMML as landfill liner
N. Joy & A. Sasikumar

Durability study on coir geotextiles embedded in different pavement conditions
A. Vijayan, Y. Sheela Evangeline & A. Krishna

Study on the coir geotextile reinforced flexible pavements using DCP
M.C. Jayachandran, Y. Sheela Evangeline, G.V. Rao, M.K. Sayida, A. Krishna & A. Vijayan

Effect of fin shape on the behaviour of piles under combined loading conditions
R. Ambi, P.K. Jayasree & N. Unnikrishnan

Static pile load test inversion
G.R. Potty, A. Bradshaw, S. Suresh & U. Krishnakumar

Study on flyash stabilized dredged material from Koyilandy harbour
V. Jaya, K.R. Ajinu, A. Sivaprakash, A. Wilson, A.R. Chandran, A. Shameer & K. Vishnu Prasad

Transportation engineering

Prioritisation of low volume roads using fuzzy multi criteria decision making
S. Rose, B.S. Mathew & K.P. Isaac

Investigation on effects of nano particles on performance of HMA mix
F. Shaz & T.R. Loui

Feasibility analysis for waterway development—a case study of canals in Thrissur, Kerala
N.M. Sabitha, B.G. Sreedevi & V.S. Sanjay Kumar

Level of service of urban roads based on user perception
V. Aparna & S. Salini

Identification of critical inter arrival time at signalized intersections
P.S. Praveen & R. Ashalatha

Hydraulics engineering

Comparison of statistical downscaling techniques for rainfall prediction—a case study
J. George, J. Letha & P.G. Jairaj

River training—a case study
P.K. Suresh, C. Prabakar, V. Ponraj & D. Panneerselvam

Downscaling of precipitation for Bharathapuzha river basin in Kerala
L.R. Chandran & P.G. Jairaj

Structural engineering

Effect of natural rubber latex in concrete with metakaolin admixture
M. Nibin Gafoor & P.R. Beena

Bond strength of coconut shell aggregate concrete by pull-out test
A. Sujatha & Y. Nadir

Shear flexural behaviour of high strength concrete beams
A.A. Chandran & K. Girija

Effect of notch-depth ratio on fracture properties of light weight self compacting concrete beam
A.A. Abraham & K.G. Jayaprakash

Effect of fine aggregate on shear fracture parameters of high strength concrete
K.V. Jayasree, K.P. Safeer & K.S. Prebhakumari

Buckling analysis of functionally graded plate using higher order shear deformation theory
S. Swathikrishna & K.P. Beena

Cyclic behaviour of hybrid fibre reinforced ECC column
A.N. Vijayan, S. Sunitha, P. Vinod & K.R. Bindhu

Foamed concrete using waste materials: A review
S.K. Jose, M. Soman & S. Evangeline

Analytical investigation on effect of shear friction: A critical issue in accelerated construction of bridge superstructures
M.P. Geetha & K. Girija

Rehabilitation of RC short columns using ferrocement jacketing
J. Mohan & M. Soman

Development of foamed concrete building blocks using quarry dust
M. Soman, V.S. Aparna, J. Joseph, M.S. Thottathil, A.R. Rahul & K.S. Revathy

Environmental engineering

Development of clay-glass-sand blended lightweight aggregate using sewage sludge as filler
S.V. Kuruvilla, S. Sumi & K. Swarnalatha

Permeability study of modified forms of sewage sludge suitable for temporary landfill cover material
V.N. Vinitha, P. Latha & V. Jaya

Removal of zinc and copper from aqueous media using iron nanoparticles
J.G. Anuranjana Jaya & N. Vijayan

Removal of anionic surfactant from waste water using immobilized pseudomonas sp
A.S. Lekshmisree & N. Vijayan

Prediction of vehicular exhaust emission for Thiruvananthapuram city
R.S. Kumar & K. Swarnalatha

Polysulfone chitosan membrane for the removal of nitrate and phosphate from fertilizer wastes
S. Krishnaveni & V. Meera


Mechanical engineering

Fluid mechanics

Prediction of coherent structures in end-wall flows using hybrid grids developed for turbomachinery applications
R. Abhilash & S. Anil Lal

Design engineering

Study on extension springs hook geometry using FEA technique for moulded case circuit breaker
A. Shirurkar, Y. Patil & J.D. Davidson

CFD study on window buffeting for a passenger car
A. Nikam, Y. Khawade & D. Jebaseelan

Design of flapping wing mechanism for bionic micro aerial vehicle
C. Mrudul, S. Noble & K.G. Sreejalekshmi

Dynamic characterization of wheel hub and seals
R. Chaudhari & J.D. Davidson

Development and validation of finite elements for tubular bonded joints in composite structures
K.S. Sajikumar, N. Asok Kumar & B. Nageswara Rao

Effect of grain refiner (0 to 1 wt. % Al-5Ti-B) addition on the microstructural and hardness characteristics of Al 336 alloy
S. Zaviar, V.R. Shijil, S. Raphael, R. Sreeram, C.K. Sudarsh, V.R. Rajeev & K.K. Manesh

Mesh dependency study on wrinkling and vibration analysis on pre-stressed membranes
K.R. Unnikrishnan, I.R. Praveen Krishna & C.O. Arun

Heat transfer

Thermophysical properties of refined kerosene—alumina nanofluid
A.J. Sundararaj, L.G. Asirvatham, B.C. Pillai & S. Panicker

Application of machine learning algorithms to improve stock prediction using technical indicators
R.K. Dhanya & V.S. Unnikrishnan

Solution of momento energy integral equations for natural convection in a vertical channel using symbolic computation
M. Jayaram & S. Asok Kumar

Influence of stationary heated cylinder on the convective heat transfer of heated rotating cylinder in vertical alignment
M. Mathew, G. Venugopal & M.R. Rajkumar

Digital requirement analysis in a public sector bank after demonetisation
R. Rakhil Krishnan & V. Regi Kumar

Experimental study on Leidenfrost water droplets impact on heated aluminium ratchet surface
S. Rameshan & S. Kumar Ranjith

Industrial engineering

Ergonomic design modifications of de-fibering machine in coir industry—a case study
M. Satheeshkumar & K. Krishnakumar

A methodology to detect and extract tables from born-digital PDF documents using deep learning
C. Shichin, A.C. Vinay Chandran & V.S. Unnikrishnan

Analysis of bus bunching effect in morning peak period
S. Sajikumar & V. Regi Kumar


Urban design strategies for elder friendly spaces
A. Sreedharan & N.C. Mathew

Development of location specific profiled Fresnel collector for light pipes for harnessing daylight
M.G. Nair & K. Ramamurthy

Decentralised solid waste management plan for Thrissur Municipal Corporation
D. Nair & C.A. Bindu

Planning for ageing population
J.U. Nithya & P. Prabhakar

Influence of tactical urbanism on spatial planning
N. Basheer & A. Geetha

Role of Mega-Events in urban development
T. Rijina & K.M. Sujith

Significance of street vendors in urban scenario
F. Thaha & S.R. Lakshmi

Gentrification over urban authenticity
A. Jame & C.A. Bindu

Value addition to Athangudi tiles
P. Kurup & R. Gettu

Strategic planning for traditional neighbourhoods of Thrissur district
L. Merin Maliyamave & T. Ranjini Bhattathiripad

The role of regulatory mechanism in generating public space in the Kerala context
S.S. George & M.K. Kini

Place branding as a tool in rejuvenating the derelict industrial areas: A case of Howrah, West Bengal
K.I. Arun Raj & M.K. Kini

Revitalization of historic inner cities
K.S. Kavya & C.A. Biju

A paradigm for climate responsive urban planning
M. Daniel & S.G. Parambath

Water as a hybrid space: Networking canals as transit interchange corridor; a case of Kochi city
S.S. Nair & M.K. Kini

Strategy for revitalization of market neighborhood Valiyangadi, Kozhikode
R.S. Veena & J.K. George

Child friendly cities—a new approach for urban planning
T.R. Rakhi & S. Surya

Happiness index—a tool for urban planning
N.V. Aiswarya & R.T. Bhattathiripad

The social value of streets
R. Papana & T. Pujara

Vegetation integrated building design and its implications on the interior temperature in warm and humid climate
T.K. Jayasree & R. Kalaiselvi

An assessment of post Tsunami recovery of coastal settlements in Kerala: A case of Kollam district
M.V. Smitha & B. Tom

Conceptual framework for preparation of pedestrian plan for cities in Kerala
N. Amrutha & S. Nair

Issues faced while applying transit oriented development principles in an urban area—a case of Kochi city
E.S. Jojee & P. Prabhakaran

Water based tourism planning in Kerala context with focus on tourism circuit developments
P.J. Nidhish & S. Rajasree

Integration of local climate zone into city planning
M.P. Vidya & R. Deepa Rani

Planning of open space to support elder’s needs
A. Prasad & P. Prabhakar

Planning interventions for migrant-sending communities: Kerala context
R. Mathew & A. Lakshmi

Urban design as a tool in building resilience to climate change in coastal cities
A. Sanjeev & M.G. Nair

Assessing carbon dioxide emission from Thiruvananthapuram city
V. Vijayan & S. Edward

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Dr. Sheela Evangeline is currently working as Professor in Civil Engineering at the College of Engineering. Trivandrum. She received her Ph.D. from the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi. She has supervised 20 MTech theses of the University of Kerala and published more than 60 papers. She has undertaken 5 sponsored research projects related to Environmental Engineering and Coir Geotextiles. At present she is also the Principal Coordinator of the sponsored Research Project "Performance Evaluation of Coir Geotextiles on Rural Roads of Kerala" She has co-authored a book entitled, ‘Coir geotextiles for sustainable infrastructure’.

Dr. M.R. Rajkumar is currently working as Associate Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the College of Engineering. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Kerala. He has supervised 20 MTech thesis of the University of Kerala and is currently guiding 2 PhD scholars. He has 10 publications in reputed International Journals and 30 publications in International Conferences. He has undertaken 2 sponsored research projects; one related to design and fabrication of low speed wind tunnel funded by the Centre for Engineering Research and Development, APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University; two central Govt. funded project-FIST DST for the purchase of constant temperature hot wire anemometer in connection with measurement of turbulence intensity. He has received the Best Researcher of the Year Award for 2017 of APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University.

Prof. Saritha G. Parambath is an Assistant Professor in Architecture, Department of Architecture, and College of Engineering Trivandrum. She acquired the B Arch degree from the College of Engineering Trivandrum, Kerala University in 1996 and M Arch degree in General Architecture from the School of Architecture and Planning, Anna University, Chennai in 2012. Her research interests include post-colonial architecture studies and dynamics of city transformations.