1st Edition

Recent Advances in Science, Engineering & Technology International Conference on Recent Advances in Science, Engineering & Technology

    640 Pages
    by CRC Press

    The advances in technology, engineering and science are necessary for better and sustailable life. It is not only beneficial for human growth but equally important for all the living and non living matters on the planet. Hence it is imperative to come togather and share the knowledge, innovations and developments in the technology and science happening around. The objective of 1st International Conference on “Recent Advances in Science, Engineering & Technology” (ICRASET-2023) was to provide platform to share various hypotheses, conclusions, and discoveries from students, researchers, professors, and industry experts. The conference was associated with the knowledge partners like ASM International, IEEE, IETE, ISTE, CSI and IE

    A. Pioneer Engineering in Electronics Engineering
    1 Circular Slotted UWB Antenna Design For Microwave Medical Imaging
    2 Metamaterial Dual L-Slot Triangle Patch Antenna for Optimal X-Band
    3 A Multifunctional Robot for COVID-19 Hospital
    4 A Novel Approach for Compressing Electrocardiogram Signals
    5 A Compressive Approach for Cancer Classification using Text Data and
    Machine Learning
    6 Solar-Based Real-Time Solid Waste Separation and Management System
    Using IOT
    7 AES and SIMON Algorithms in 45-nm and 90-nm Technology Implemented
    on Spartan-6 FPGA
    8 Design of Microstrip Patch Antenna for 5G Applications
    9 Electric Vehicles: A Review on Technological Trends and Performance
    Improvement Strategies
    10 Beamforming Algorithms for Massive MIMO: Developing and Evaluating
    Novel Beamforming Algorithms to Improve the Coverage, Capacity
    and Interference Management in Massive MIMO systems
    B. Advances in Computer Engineering and Information Technology
    11 “HANA” – An IOT Fusion With Deep Learning for Smart Agriculture
    Crop Prediction and Crop Monitoring System
    12 A Survey Paper on Video Retrieval Using Deep Learning Concep
    13 Real and Spoofed Faces Classification using Machine Learning Adopting
    Efficient Processing and Quality Descriptors
    14 A Facial Sketch-To-Image Synthesis Using Flutter and Artificial
    Neural Network
    15 Transfer Learning-Based MRI Model for the Identifying of Brain Tumors
    16 Classification of Protein Family from the Protein Sequence Using
    Machine Learning
    17 Teacher Evaluation with Sentiment Analysis of Students Comments
    Using Machine Learning and Deep Learning Approaches
    18 Empowering Agriculture: Smart Crop Recommendation with
    Machine Learning Challenges and Future Prospects
    19 Deep Learning-Based System for Image Denoising
    20 Survey on Energy Optimisation in Wireless Sensor Network
    21 A Review on Fake Twitter User Profile Detection
    22 Ayurveda-Dosha Assessment: A Computational Survey of the Human
    Body’s Constitution
    23 The Future of AI Security: How Zero Trust can Help to Protect
    Against Advanced Threats
    24 Predicting Pancreatic Cancer Risk Using Machine Learning and Neural
    25 Prediction of Air Quality in Nagpur City Using Hybrid CNN-Long
    Short-Term Memory Model
    26 A Review on “Efficient Hybrid Methodology for Early Detection
    of Breast Cancer in Digital Mammograms using Autoencoder
    Deep Learning”
    27 Medical Image Multi-View Transformation and Reconstruction
    with Deep Learning
    28 Exploring the Effectiveness of Ensemble Learning Techniques
    for the Classification of Stellar Objects in Gaia DR3
    29 Secure on Demand Token-Based Binding Update Authentication Mechanism
    30 Authentication of Video: Noval Approach for Identifying Video Forgery
    Using Correlation Coefficients
    31 Overspeed Alert System for Vehicles to Avoid E-Challan on Highways
    using Machine Learning Algorithm
    32 Detection of Nodule like Objects Using Local Contrast Thresholding
    33 Efficient Set-D4: A Deep Learning Approach to Identify Human
    Handwritten Signatures
    34 IVSMDLS: Integration of Visual Saliency Maps with Deep Learning for
    Identification of Skin Disease Severity
    35 Design of an Efficient DeepSHAP Model for Smart Farming-Based
    Recommendations Using Residual Deep Networks
    36 Design of an Efficient Mutable Blockchain for QoS-Aware IoT Deployments
    37 Experimental Investigation of Segmentation Methods for Segmenting
    Fruit Images in Natural Environment
    C. Emerging Technologies in Mechanical Engineering
    38 Influence on the Air Flow due to Boundary Layer
    39 Design and Development of a Semi-Automated Pneumatic System for
    Production of Washers
    40 Design and Development of Cycloidal Gear Box
    41 Design, Development and Manufacturing of Coconut De-husking Machine
    42 Application of Low-Cost Automation for Corrugated Box Flaps Twisting
    to Improve Productivity
    43 Heat Energy Storage in LiBr and Phase Change Material using Solar
    Parabolic Dish Collector
    44 SOC Prediction of Lithium Ion Battery Based on Machine Learning
    45 On the Design and Fabrication of a Low-Cost PDMS-based Lenses:
    Soft Lithography Approach
    46 Simulation of U-cup Hydraulic Seal Used in a Hydraulic System Using Ansys
    47 Supply Chain Management in Life Insurance companies in India
    48 Design and Development of Manually Operated Lanzan Seed Decorticator
    for Livelihood of Tribal Community in Eastern Vidarbha region in India
    49 Unveiling the Dynamics and Optimisation of Go-Kart Performance:
    An In-depth Analysis and Evaluation
    50 Ergonomic Design of Visual Inspection Workstation Using Digital Human
    51 Application of FMECA and FTA for the Engines of Diesel Locomotive
    52 Analysis of Location of Emergency Department in Multi-speciality Hospitals
    53 Implementation of DMAIC Methodology in Belt Industry for
    Minimisation of Fabric Wastage
    54 Design and Analysis of Manually Operated Lifting Crane for Small-Scale
    55 Design and Simulation of Robotic Arm Joint for Sanitisation
    D. Emerging Trends in Basic & Applied Sciences
    56 Municipal Solid Waste Dumpsites’ Effects on the Environment and
    Public Health
    57 Electrochemical Properties of Polyaniline-Doped Nickel Oxide
    58 Study of E-Waste Management Practices in Maharashtra State (India)
    59 A Short Review on Conducting Polymer: Polyaniline: Conduction
    Mechanism and Applications
    60 Amendments on Amalgamation, Categorisation and Solicitation
    of Polypyrrole Nanocomposites (PPy NC) and their
    optimization – An update
    61 Assessment and Optimisation of Integrated Solid Waste Management
    Strategies for Sustainable Urban Environments
    62 Quantum Computing and Simulation – A review


    Dr. Nishu Gupta

    Dr. Nishu Gupta is a Senior Member, IEEE having interest in Computer Communication and Networking, Autonomous Vehicles, Smart Cities, Security in Sensor Networks and Internet of Things. He has authored and edited several books with international publishers like Taylor & Francis, Springer, Wiley and Scrivener. Along with chairing several International Conferences, Dr. Nishu served as a reviewer and is on the Editorial board of various Internationally reputed Journals and Transactions. Dr. Gupta worked on various research projects in international universities like University of Fribourg, Switzerland, King Abdulaziz University in Rabigh, Saudi Arabia, University of Oviedo, Gijón, Spain. He had also worked on projects of Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY), Government of India. He is receipnt of MDPI 2022 Travel Award and has published 5 patents and more than 60 research articles in IEEE Transactions, SCI and Scopus Indexed Journals. Currently he is holding a position of Postdoctoral Fellow in the, Department of Electronic Systems at Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Gjøvik, Norway.

    Dr. Sandeep S. Joshi

    Dr. Sandeep Joshi is an accomplished editor with extensive expertise in the field of Mechanical Engineering. Currently serving as an Assistant Professor at Shri Ramdeobaba College of Engineering and Management in Nagpur, India, he holds a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering. Dr. Joshi specializes in Thermal Engineering and has made significant contributions to the field, with over 50 research papers published in renowned journals and conferences in India and abroad. His innovation extends beyond academia, as he has applied for around 30 patents, five of which have been granted by the Indian Patent Office. Dr. Joshi’s editorial prowess is also notable, as he serves as a reviewer for more than 25 reputed International journals and research agencies in India, Poland and Hong Kong.

    Dr. Milind Khanapurkar

    Dr. Milind Khanapurkar has his specialization in Electronics Engineering with Intelligent Transportation System as area of interest with special focus on Embedded systems, modeling and IoT. He has 1 book, 1 book chapter and 50+ publication in international journals and conferences of repute. He has one patentsto his credit with few design patents and several research and project grants from various organizations.

    Dr. Asha Gedam

    Dr. Asha H. Gedam, currently serving as an Assistant Professor in the department of chemistry, Cummins College of Engineering for Women, Nagpur India. The research background of Dr. Gedam is waste water reatment technology. She has published her research work in reputed journals and served as a reviewer for reputed international Elsevie, Taylor and Francis journals.

    Dr. Nikhil Aniruddha Bhave

    Dr. Nikhil Aniruddha Bhave is working as an Assistant Professor in the School of Energy and Environmental Systems at the Defence Institute of Advanced Technology, DIAT-DU-DRDO, Pune, Maharashtra, India. He has 3 patents awarded by Indian Patent Office and has quality publication in international journals and conferences of repute with major focus on I C Engines and Renewable fuels. He has worked as a reviewer for SAE Technical Papers, Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part D: Journal of Automobile Engineering, Journal of the Brazilian Society of Mechanical Sciences and Engineering, etc. He has been awarded the ‘Best Paper Award” three times and is a life member of many professional societies. Presently, at DIAT-DRDO, he is working on the area of Green Hydrogen for a Sustainable Future.