Recent Developments in Mathematical Programming  book cover
1st Edition

Recent Developments in Mathematical Programming

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ISBN 9782881248009
Published July 18, 1991 by CRC Press
469 Pages

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Table of Contents

Preface -- List of Contributors -- PART 1: REVIEW ARTICLES IN MATHEMATICAL PROGRAMMING -- 1 Recent Advances in Global Optimization: A Tutorial Survey /Reiner Horst -- 2 Two-level Resource Control Preemptive Hierarchical Linear Programming Problem: A Review /Subhash C. Narula and Adiele D. Nwosu -- 3 Some Recent Developments in Infinite Programming /A. B. Philpott -- 4 Recent Developments in Mathematical Programming Software for the Microcomputer /R. Sharda andD. M. Steiger -- 5 C-Programming: Its Theory and Applications /Moshe Sniedovich -- PART 2: MULTICRITERIA OPTIMIZATION -- 6 Aspects of Multicriteria Optimization /B.D. Craven -- 7 A Duality Theorem for a Fractional Multiobjective Problem with Square Root Terms /R. R. Egudo -- 8 Efficiency and Duality Theory for a Class of Differentiable Multiobjective Programming Problems with Invexity /ZulfiqarAli Khan -- 9 Efficiency and Duality Theory for a Class of Nondifferentiable Multiobjective Programs /Zulfiqar Ali Khan -- 10 Symmetric Duality for Nonlinear Multiobjective Programming /B. Mond and T. Weir -- PART 3: SYSTEM OPTIMIZATION AND HEURISTICS -- 11 Data Envelopment Analysis: A Comparative Tool /M. J. Foster -- 12 A Study of Protean Systems — Some Heuristic Strategies for Redundancy Optimization /Radha Kalyan and Santosh Kumar -- PART 4: INTERIOR-POINT APPROACH AND QUADRATIC PROGRAMMING -- 13 Nearest Points in Nonsimplicial Cones and LCP’s with PSD Symmetric Matrices /K. S. Al-Sultan and K. G. Murty -- 14 A Study on Monotropic Piecewise Quadratic Programming /Jie Sun -- 15 Interior-Point Algorithms for Quadratic Programming /Yinyu Ye -- PART 5: COMPUTATIONAL EFFICIENCY, METHODS AND SOFTWARE -- 16 Problems in Protean Systems — Computer Programs for Some Solution Methods /Radha Kalyan and Santosh Kumar -- 17 Alternative Methods for Representing the Inverse of Linear Programming Basis Matrices /Gautam Mitra and Mehrdad Tamiz -- 18 Toward Parallel Computing on Personal Computers in Mathematical Programming /Moshe Sniedovich -- PART 6: MATHEMATICAL PROGRAMMING APPLICATIONS -- 19 A Mixed Integer Model of Petroleum Fields with Moving Platforms /Dag Haugland, Kurt Jornsten and Ebrahim Shayan -- 20 Optimal Stochastic Hydrothermal Scheduling Using Nonlinear Programming Technique /D. P. Kothari -- 21 Nonlinear Programming Applied to the Dynamic Rescheduling of Trains /R. G. J. Mills and S. E. Perkins -- 22 Network Routing Applications in National and Regional Planning /J. P. Saksena -- 23 An Application of the Lagrangean Relaxation Based Approach to the Bulk Commodity Production Distribution Problem /R. R. K. Sharma -- PART 7: ALGORITHMS, GAMES AND PARADOX -- 24 Flow Truncation in a Four Axial Sums’ Transportation Problem /L. Bandopadhyaya and M. C. Puri -- 25 Continuous Linear Programs and Continuous Matrix Game Equivalence /S. Chandra, B. Mond and M. V. Durga Prasad -- 26 A Short Note on a Path-following Interpretation of the Primal-dual Algorithm /Patrick Tobin and Santosh Kumar -- 27 On a Paradox in Linear Fractional Transportation Problems /Vanita Verma and M. C. Puri -- 28 Nash Equilibrium Points of Stochastic N-uels /P. Zeephongsekul -- APPENDICES -- Subject Index -- Author Index -- List of Referees.

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