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Recovering the Past

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Rome and her Empire

Rome and her Empire

1st Edition

By David Shotter
January 09, 2003

The name of Rome excites a picture of power and organisation, as do the widely-spread ruins that Roman civilization left behind. Yet Rome grew out of a collection of small villages and major developments such as the growth of Empire were unplanned and completely unprepared for.Influenced by a small...

Crusading and the Crusader States

Crusading and the Crusader States

2nd Edition

By Andrew Jotischky, Andrew Jotischky
March 24, 2017

Crusading and the Crusader States explores how the idea of holy war emerged from the troubled society of the eleventh century, and why Jerusalem and the Holy Land were so important to Europeans. It follows the progress of the major crusading expeditions, offering insights into initial success ...

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