132 Pages
    by Taylor & Francis

    by Routledge

    The aim of this book is to construct a framework of understanding for those coming to the field of recreational land management from a non-land management discipline.

    An introduction to recreational land use. Definition and evolution. Recreation provision for public use. Consideration of sites for recreational uses. References. The institutional framework of public sector provision of recreation. National organizations. Local authority provision. Management and the legal environment. Sources of legal authority. Civil and criminal law contrasted. The law relating to land and land tenure. The law relating to contractual relations. The law of Tort. Statute. Land use planning and environmental control. Access. Fiscal policy. Market analysis and consumer behaviour. 'Product' definition - the recreation experience. Conventional economic approaches to demand analysis. Behavioural approaches to demand analysis. Consumer behaviour. Market-led management. Resource evaluation. The role of land in the production function. Location factors. Site attraction. Carrying capacity. Judgement of non-financial values. Environmental impact assessment. Management planning. Strategic planning. Managing for quality. Site planning and design. Financial planning and investment. Pricing. Promotion. Enterprise selection. Ancillary enterprises. Site monitoring and control. Commissioning the enterprise. The policy statement. Visitor flow patterns. Quality criteria. Maintenance policy. Translating results. Financial monitoring and control. Performance measurement. Management ratios. Cost analysis. Commerical thresholds. Taxation. Budgeting and measures of performance. Preparation and use of budgets. Example budget. Management indices. Examples of performance ratios. Record sheets. Interpretation. Background. Integrating interpretation and recreation. Developing and implementing an interpretive plan. Performance appraisal and review. Conclusion.


    W. Seabrooke Professor of Land Economy, Department of Land and Construction Management, University of Portsmouth C W. N. Miles Emeritus Professor of Land Management, University of Reading