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    First published in 1981. The Red Sea is a distinctive and unique tropical sea, and the only enclosed coral sea in the world. This book are the impressions and images from the author who has been a professional diver and photographer since 1975. working on the east coast of the Red Sea. He shares his exciting and fantastic times in Saudi Arabia, maligning that the Red Sea remains an unparalleled source of surprises, entertainment, and beauty.

    I THE RED SEA Its geography and history 2 THE CORAL GARDENS The coral reefs of the Red Sea 3 THE CORAL ANIMAL Corals and soft corals, sea-fans and sea-anemones 4 ALL CREATURES GREAT Larger invertebrates- starfishes, sea-urchins, crabs, etc. 5 ALL CREATURES SMALL Smaller invertebrates- seashells, sea-slugs, worms and sponges 6 THE DIVERSITY OF FISHES A guide to the families of coral fish 7 PRIVATELIVES Details in the behaviour of some Red Sea animals 8 DANGER! Dangers on the reef- sharks and venomous animals 9 DOING IT YOURSELF Diving in the Red Sea, and underwater photography.


    Gunnar Bemert, Rupert Ormond