1st Edition

Redefining William III The Impact of the King-Stadholder in International Context

Edited By David Onnekink, Esther Mijers Copyright 2007
    332 Pages
    by Routledge

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    William III (1650-1702) was Stadholder in the United Provinces and King of England, Scotland and Ireland. His reign has always intrigued historians, as it encompassed such defining events as the Dutch year of Disaster (1672), the Glorious Revolution (1688) and the ensuing wars against France. Although William has played a pivotal role in the political and religious history of his countries, the significance and international impact of his reign is still not very well understood. This volume contains a number of innovative essays from specialists in the field, which have evolved from papers delivered to an international conference held at the University of Utrecht in December 2002. By focusing on the entire period 1650-1702 from an international perspective, the volume moves historical discussion away from the traditional analysis of single events to encompass William's entire reign from a variety of political, religious, intellectual and cultural positions. In so doing it offers a new perspective on the British and Dutch reigns of William III, as well as the wider European milieu.

    Introduction; 1: The King-Stadholder; 1: William III as Stadholder: Prince or Minister?; 2: William III and the Three Kingdoms; 3: Ireland's Role in the Foreign Policy of William III *; 4: The Dual Monarchy in Practice: Anglo-Dutch Alliance and War in the Spanish Netherlands 1689–1697; 5: The Partition Treaties, 1698–1700: A European View; 2: Justification; 6: William III and the Reformed Church of the Netherlands; 7: Protestantism, Universal Monarchy and Christendom in William's War Propaganda, 1689–1697; 8: In Defence of William III: Eric Walten and the Justification of the Glorious Revolution; 3: Opposition; 9: Cromwell Redivivus? William III as Military Dictator: Myth and Reality; 10: Williamite Tyranny and the Whig Jacobites *; 11: William of Orange – ‘Disaster for Scotland'?; 4: Representation; 12: William's III Stadholderly Court in the Dutch Republic; 13: William's Court as King; 14: William in Contemporary Portraits and Prints


    Esther Mijers is lecturer at the University of Reading, UK, and David Onnekink is from the Research Institute for History and Culture at Universiteit Utrecht, The Netherlands.

    ’Redefining William III helpfully collects in one volume much of the recent research on William's reign. Importantly, it provides Anglophone historians with a very welcome introduction to Dutch, French and German work on William and gives a rounded picture of William's international links, interests, and influences.’ Parliamentary History