1st Edition

Redefining the New Woman, 1920-1963

    2. Redefining the New Woman, 1920-1963
    Despite the fact that women's suffrage did not produce the catastrophic consequences predicted, mainstream opposition to the feminist movement refused to die, as exemplified in commentaries by industrialist Henry Ford, renowned literary figures D.H. Lawrence and Norman Mailer, and even presidential candidate Adlai Stevenson, all represented in this volume. The other selections first focus on sources published during the interwar years and indicate that the legacy of progressive social feminism exacerbated reactionary attitudes toward women in the context of postwar political fundamentalism, the Great Depression, and the New Deal. The second part contains literature that appeared between 1941 and 1963, and reflects the ambivalence and backlash toward wives and mothers in the workforce and the public sphere, driven by the social, political, and economic conservatism of the Cold War Era.

    Series Introduction

    xiii Volume Introduction

    2 What Is Equality?

    Clara Mortenson Beyer

    3 Are Women's Clubs "Used" by Bolshevists?

    Henry Ford

    7 The Unfemale Feminine

    Anthony Bertram

    10 Feminism and the Economic Independence of Woman

    Guion Griffis Johnson

    13 The Collapse of Feminism

    Reginald F. Rynd

    21 Seven Deadly Sins of Woman in Business

    Anne W. Armstrong

    30 The Problem of Women in Industry

    Ethel M. Johnson

    35 Equality of Woman with Man:

    A Myth—A Challenge to Feminism

    John Macy

    44 Feminism Destructive of Woman's Happiness

    Gina Lombroso Ferrero

    52 Second Thoughts on Feminism

    Iona Mure

    53 Feminism and Jane Smith

    63 The Enfranchisement of the Girl of Twenty-one

    Anthony M. Ludovici

    70 Public Opinion—Women in Industry

    Margaret G. Bondfield

    73 Woman's Morality in Transition

    Joseph Collins

    81 Woman's Encroachment on Man's Domain

    Evils of Woman's Revolt Against the Old Standards

    Hugh L. McMenamin

    Fanatical Females

    John Leonard Cole

    This Two-Headed Monster—The Family

    Henry R. Carey

    Common Problems of Professional Women

    Ruby A. Black

    Sex Inferiority

    Ruth Allison Hudnut

    Chivalry and Labor Laws

    Cocksure Women and Hensure Men

    D.H. Lawrence

    Emotional Handicaps of the Professional Woman

    Eleanor B. Saunders

    What More Do Women Want?

    Creighton Peet

    Are Ten Too Many?

    Marjorie Wells

    A Word to Women

    Albert Jay Nock

    Is Feminism Decadent?

    Bernard Acworth and Muriel Kirkpatrick

    A Woman's Invasion of a Famous Public School

    and How Men Endured It


    The Disadvantages of Women's Rights

    Nirgidma de Torhout

    The Cultural Background of the American Woman

    Ernest R. Groves

    Deterrents to Parenthood

    S.H. Halford

    An Objective View?

    S.H. Halford

    Trend of National Intelligence

    S.H. Halford

    American Woman's Dilemma

    Frances Levinson

    Should Mothers Work?

    Irene M. Josselyn and Ruth Schley Goldman

    Social Psychological Correlates of Upward Social Mobility

    Among Unmarried Career Women

    Evelyn Ellis

    My Great-Grandmothers Were Happy

    Priscilla Robertson

    The Passage Through College

    Mervin B. Freedman

    276 Women, Husbands and History

    Adlai E. Stevenson

    285 The Found Generation

    David Riesman

    301 Table of Traits Assigned to Male and Female

    Orville G. Brim Jr.

    303 A Rousing Club Fight

    Norman Mailer

    327 Acknowledgments


    Angela Howard-Zophy, Associate Professor of History and Women's Studies at the University of Houston Clear Lake, is editor of the award-winning Handbook of American Women's History (Garland, 1990). She holds a Ph.D. degree in history from Ohio State University, and is the editor of the Garland series: The Development of American Feminism well as Directories of Minority Women, and is the author of numerous articles, book chapters, and essays.

    Sasha Rana Adams Tarrant assisted editorially with the revised edition of the Handbook of American Women's History, as well as contributed the entry on antifeminism to the volume. She holds B.A. and M.A. degrees in history from the University of Houston Clear Lake, and is currently completing her doctorate in U.S. and women's history at Texas A. & M. University.