1st Edition

Redox-Genome Interactions in Health and Disease

Edited By Jörgen Fuchs, Maurizio Podda, Lester Packer Copyright 2004

    At the nexus of advances in molecular genetics and findings in redox biology, this volume elaborates on the dynamics governing cellular redox states and aggregates the body of evidence linking oxidative stress and redox modulation with a host of monogenetic and polygenetic diseases.

    Redox-genome interactions - evolution of a concept, Jurgen Fuchs, Maurizio Podda, R. Kaufmann and Lester Packer; measurements of biological reducing power by voltammetric methods, Ron Kohen, Eitan Moor and Miriam Oron; composition and regulation of thiol-disulfide redox state, Yvonne S. Nkabyo, Thomas R. Ziegler and Dean P. Jones; thiols and thioredoxin in cellular redox control, Hajime Nakamura, Norihiko Kondo, Kiichi Hirota, Hiroshi Masutani and Junji Yodoi; role of free radicals and cellular redox status in signal transduction and gene expression, Wulf Droge and Wulf Hildebrandt; redox regulation of apoptosis, Marie-Veronique Clement and Shazib Pervaiz; mitochondria, Ageing and Disease - a genomic perspective, Stefano Salvioli, Massimiliano Bonafe, Cristiana Barbi, Miriam Capri, Daniela Monti and Caludio Franchese; the human genome as a target of oxidative modification - damage to nucleic acids, Jean Cadet, Thierry Douki and Jean-Luc Ravanat; redox modulation in tumour promotion and progression, Margaret Hanausek, Zbigniew Walaszek and Thomas J. Slaga; the potential impact of polymorphism on oxidative stress status, Louise Lyrenas, Emma Wincent, Lena Forsberg, Ulf de Faire and Ralf Morgenstern; oxidative stress in genetic diseases; mitochondrial dysfunction in genetic diseases, Immo E. Scheffler; oxidative and nitrosative stress in cystic fibrosis - significance or triviality? Brian M. Morrissey, Albert van der Vliet, Jason Eiserich and Carroll E. Cross; oxyradicals in iron overload syndromes - hemochromatosis, Shinya Toyokuni; oxidative imbalance in hereditary hemoglobinopathies - the Role of reactive oxygen species in the pathophysiology of sickle cell anaemia and thalassemia, Jurgen Fuchs, Maurizio Podda and Eliezer A. Rachmilewitz; association of oxidative stress with cataractogenesis, Marjorie F. Lou; oxidative stress and age-related macular degeneration, Paul S. Bernstein, Jerusha L. Nelson, Jessica L. Burrows and E. Wayne Askew; retinitis pigmentosa - a potential role for reactive oxygen and nitrogen species during photoreceptor apoptosis, Thomas G. Cotter and Maryanne Donavan; the role of oxidative imbalance in the pathogenisis of Down Syndrome, Ting-Ting Huang, Sailaja Mantha and Charles J. Epstein; metal homeostasis relates to oxidative stress in Alzheimer's disease, Adam D. Cash, Ravi Srinivas, Catherine A. Rottkamp, Xiongwei Zhu, Marta A. Taddeo, Gjumrakch Aliev, Hisasi Fujioka, Craig S. Atwood, Lawrence M. Sayre, Rudolph S. Cstellani, Mark A. Smith, George Perry and Akihiko Nunomura; oxidative stress and Huntington's disease, C. Turner and Anthony H.V. Schapira; oxidative stress in familial amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Diane E. Cabelli; oxidants and antioxidants in the pathology of colon cancer, William L. Stone, K. Krishnan and Andreas M. Papas; the role of oxidative imbalance in diabetes mellitus, Dominique Bonnefont-Rousselot, Alain Legrand and Jacques Delattre. (Part contents).


    Jörgen Fuchs, Maurizio Podda, Lester Packer