1st Edition

Reducing Prejudice and Discrimination

Edited By Stuart Oskamp Copyright 2000
    364 Pages
    by Psychology Press

    364 Pages
    by Psychology Press

    Finding ways to reduce prejudice and discrimination is the central issue in attacking racism in our society. Yet this book is almost unique among scientific volumes in its focus on that goal. This important book combines critical analysis of theories about how to reduce prejudice and discrimination with cutting-edge empirical research conducted in real-world settings, as well as in controlled laboratory situations.

    This book's outstanding contributors focus on a common set of questions about ways to reduce intergroup conflict, prejudice, and stereotyping. They summarize their own research, as well as others, interpret the conclusions, and suggest implications concerning the practical methods that have been, or could be, used in programs aimed at reducing intergroup conflict. The chapters present solidly based critical analyses and research findings in clear, reader-friendly prose.

    This book evolved from the Sixteenth Annual Claremont Symposium on Applied Social Psychology. Each Symposium in the series concentrates on a single area in which social psychological knowledge is being applied to the resolution of a current social problem.

    Ideal for teachers, social workers, administrators, managers, and other social practitioners who are concerned about prejudice and discrimination, this book will also serve as a valuable foundation of knowledge in courses that examine this topic.

    Contents: Preface. S. Oskamp, Multiple Paths to Reducing Prejudice and Discrimination. Part I: Background Factors Affecting Prejudice. W.S. Stephan, C.W. Stephan, An Integrated Threat Theory of Prejudice. J. Sidanius, R.C. Veniegas, Gender and Race Discrimination: The Interactive Nature of Disadvantage. M.C. Taylor, Social Contextual Strategies for Reducing Racial Discrimination. Part II: Psychological Research on Reducing Prejudice. T.F. Pettigrew, L.R. Tropp, Does Intergroup Contact Reduce Prejudice? Recent Meta-Analytic Findings. S.T. Fiske, Interdependence and the Reduction of Prejudice. J.F. Dovidio, K. Kawakami, S.L. Gaertner, Reducing Contemporary Prejudice: Combating Explicit and Implicit Bias at the Individual and Intergroup Level. M.B. Brewer, Reducing Prejudice Through Cross-Categorization: Effects of Multiple Social Identities. P.G. Devine, E.A. Plant, B.N. Buswell, Breaking the Prejudice Habit: Progress and Obstacles. Part III: Applications in Social Settings. B. Major, W.J. Quinton, S.K. McCoy, T. Schmader, Reducing Prejudice: The Target's Perspective. D.W. Johnson, R.T. Johnson, The Three Cs of Reducing Prejudice and Discrimination. F.E. Aboud, S.R. Levy, Interventions to Reduce Prejudice and Discrimination in Children and Adolescents. M.A. Wittig, L. Molina, Moderators and Mediators of Prejudice Reduction in Multicultural Education. S. Oskamp, J.M. Jones, Promising Practices in Reducing Prejudice: A Report From the President's Initiative on Race.


    Stuart Oskamp