1st Edition

Reengineering Performance Management Breakthroughs in Achieving Strategy Through People

By Tracey Weiss Copyright 1997

    Looking for the ultimate book to help reengineer the way your company manages performance? Here is a major work that lays the groundwork for successful change at virtually every step in maximizing individual, team and organizational effectiveness. It is ideal for any manager responsible for performance improvement or human resource development.

    The authors, both experienced in competency-based human resource development and management, provide the reader with insight into performance management as a strategic tools and change lever-not a dreaded, bureaucratic hurdle. Readers are empowered to achieve their goals faster and more effectively by mobilizing people with whom they work. Senior human resources and line managers in organizations of all sizes will find answers to many of their most challenging people-related questions in Reengineering Performance Management.

    Numerous case studies from companies on the cutting edge of performance management illustrate the major themes of the text. Critically peer reviewed, this book offers the benefit of successful methods that have been tried and tested over the past 50 years, along with the most advanced and up-to-date knowledge in the field of performance management.

    Chapter 1
    The End of Performance Management as We Know It

    Chapter 2
    The Changing Shape of Organizations

    Chapter 3
    The "How" of Performance

    Chapter 4
    Planning-Something to Depend On

    Chapter 5
    Coaching: Mastering Virtual Management

    Chapter 6
    Making Reviews Productive, Not Painful

    Chapter 7
    Rewards: The "Why" of Performance

    Chapter 8
    Culture: The Road to Results

    Chapter 9
    Teams and Self-Management: Achieving a Balance

    Chapter 10
    The Genius of Leadership

    Chapter 11
    Hard-Wiring the Soft Objectives

    Chapter 12
    Aligning People Strategies for Fast Change that Lasts

    Performance Management 2000

    Appendix 1
    Performance Management Diagnostic Based on Employee Attitudes

    Appendix 2
    General Process Audit


    Tracey Weiss, Fraklin Hartle

    "Weiss and Hartle succeed where many authors have failed: drawing the connection between individual motivation and organizational performance. Along the way, they provide clues about how to survive in this time of reorganization, renewal and culture change."
    -Tom Downs, Executive Vice President, Operations and Services, QVC Network, Inc.