1st Edition

Reflect and Write 300 Poems and Photographs to Inspire Writing (Grades 7-12)

By Hank Kellner, Eliabeth Guy Copyright 2013
    168 Pages
    by Prufrock Press

    Now more than ever, we must take advantage of students' increasing fascination with graphic images as opposed to written words. Reflect and Write capitalizes on this situation by marrying dynamic images to original poems written by students at the junior and senior high school levels, teachers, and other writers nationwide. Additionally, each page contains keywords, as well as popular quotations by well-known authors, designed to inspire critical thinking. Taken together, the more than 300 poems, photographs, and quotations will help stimulate spirited class discussion and provide prompts that will evoke meaningful writing by students. Like Kellner's previous best-selling book, Write What You See, Reflect and Write will encourage students to read, relate to, and respond to modern verse and inspiring photographs both verbally and in writing. The book includes online access to the photographs and student pages.

    Grades 7-12

    Foreword Introduction 12 Ways to Inspire Your Students Themes to Explore Internet Resources: 10 Websites to Help Teachers in the Classroom 10 Websites to Help Students Get Published Poems: reflections on the water’s surface by Sarah Marlin Molten Glass by Betty Bowman Little Girl, Little Girl by Hillary Lockhart Why I Write by Lisa Blair Soda Shop Stop by Anna Catherine winter’s here by Julie Brown Smoldering Grass and Slithering Mice by Martha Walker Where I’m From by Lisa Logsdon Life Expectancy by Cynthia Needle Quiet Entities by Mignon Self The Absence of Color by Cynthia Staples Forever by Brian Guido I Love a Parade by Kristel Greenlove Four Haiku by Cynthia Lee Katona Great Grandfather’s Watch by Betty Bowman A Full Purple Crown by Timothy San Pedro Letter to Urban Youth by Timothy San Pedro For Jordan and Jackson (With Love From Mom) by Janet Vincent Foreign Fish by Laura Pastuszek Going My Own Way by Laura Pastuszek A Salesman From Greer by Betty Bowman A Snapshot Look by Kym Sheehan Intimacy by Kym Sheehan No Zac Efron by Elizabeth Guy sunsparks by Karen Topham The Kiss I Got From You by Christopher Thomas The Last Day by Lisa Logsdon Four Haiku by Cynthia Lee Katona Paper by Gabrielle Lehmann scream (after Munch) by Karen Topham Jed by Jeffrey Nichols One Hot Pepper by Inez Airing Advice by Cynthia Needle The Bridge by Kym Sheehan Approaching Autumn by Laura Lee Sonnet 18 by William Shakespeare Sonnet 18.5 (A Parody) by Hank Kellner September Day by Lila Mackey From the Love of My Parents by Michele Kelley Boredom Is Rage Spread Thin by Sarah Neil Contentment by Jakub Misztal Solitary Meaning by Sheila Cooperman photos hidden away by Karen Topham No Dough to Buy Two Pickles by David Henry Four Haiku by Cynthia Needle A Grandmother’s Heart by Erick Moore Beyond the Window by Nichola Cody Lily Loves the Lantern Man by Rachael Penn Summer Storms by Cynthia Staples Eulogy for a Cat by Kristel Greenlove Manhattan Reveries by Jakub Misztal Not Me! by Brian Guido Look Beyond the Ocean by Christopher Thomas A Bad Dream by Faith Hooper Longing for the Riviera by Anna Catherine Grandmother by Mara Dukats In the Course of a Life by Kristen Autumn Shortley Memorial by Lila Mackey To life, well-lived by Mara Dukats Time by Faith Hooper The Mathematics of Hate by Timothy San Pedro Fall Fever by Amy Lyons The First Morning of the Night by Rose Scherlis Walls by Betty Bowman Depression by Briana Birt Four Haiku by Laura Lee The Surprise Answer by Ms. Amanda Jones’s class A Dream by David Henry I Am St. Joseph by Stephanie Hartley Alone on a Bench by Hank Kellner Bridge to Anywhere by Elizabeth V. Best The Old Guitarist by William J. Small Loneliness by Elizabeth Guy Above the Clouds by Nichola Cody The Dog With No Name by Rose Scherlis Butterflies by Cole Kim A Happy Chair by Elizabeth Guy Doors of Persuasion by Laura Pastuszek Four Haiku by Elizabeth Guy Wish by Brett Pepowski Reflections on a Winter Painting by Elizabeth Guy Faceless Man by Cole Kim Four Haiku by Elizabeth Guy Self-Identification in the Crinkling of Fall by William J. Small Rainy Day Reverie by Anna Catherine rainbow’s end by Karen Topham Skateboarding by Rose Scherlis Through the Looking Glass by Nichola Cody Where Is My Heart? by Christiana Pontier To Book Snobs Everywhere by Lisa Blair Hope by Laura Pastuszek untitled by Julie Brown The Pumpkin Sonnet (With Apologies to Shakespeare) by Cole Kim Memory Quilt by Lila Mackey All Cooped Up by Jake Kutchins Fabric by Jakub Misztal Two Kids on Red Brick Canvas by Cole Kim Going Green by Cynthia Needle grief by Inez Airing Gossip by Lila Mackey Still the Bells by Christiana Pontier Bees by Judith Norberg Windmills by Judith Norberg Continuity by Laura Pastuszek The Conductor by Michele Kelley Waiting by Brian Guido Take a Break by Anna Catherine Sculptor by Amy Lyons A New World Is Here by Faith Hooper Outside My Window by Mary Meyer A New Generation by Bambi Fischer Dirty Asphalt by Vic Capaul A Forever’s Goodbye by William J. Small Bill by Elizabeth Guy The Greatest Generation by Lisa Logsdon Taunting Voices by Hillary Lockhart Shattered by Sheila Cooperman Don’t Go by Sheila Cooperman Lone Ranger by Diane Wahto Fun House Reflection by Matthew Bernbaum Inspiration by Becky Brown Moon Sleep by Sheila Cooperman The Lone Wolf by Becky Brown The Wrecking Yard by Gabrielle Lehmann Dragonfly, Shelling by Clara Quinlan Winter Shore by Clara Quinlan In the Wild by Erick Moore The Blue Door by Cynthia Needle Chip Off the Old Block by Mara Dukats Yellow Bird by Caroline Kerr The World Needs by Sierra Ferrier Chicago Newcomer by Molly Wagener picket fences by Laurel Guido white on white by Mara Dukats Even From a Concrete Sea by Lila Mackey About the Authors


    Hank Kellner is a veteran of the Korean War and a retired educator who has served as an English department chairperson at the high school level and an adjunct associate professor of English at the community college level.

    Elizabeth Guy is a mother of four and an avid gardener whose poems have appeared in several publications. A former student at Salem College in Winston-Salem, NC, she has been active in community theater for several years, and she has served as a docent at the Reynolda House Museum of American Art in Winston-Salem. An avid storyteller, she has shared her love of storytelling with thousands of elementary school students over the years.

    This is a valuable resource for teachers seeking to integrate writing into middle and high school classrooms.,Sherrie Williams,VOYA, 4/1/13
    A list of “12 Ways to Inspire Your Students” proposes teaching suggestions, how-tos for using these (or any other) selections to motivate student participation in and enthusiasm for comparing and contrasting, exploring points of view, scaffolding individual and group writing, and appreciating poetic techniques. As an added bonus, the authors recommend “10 Websites to Help Teachers in the Classroom” where educators will find full-text poems, lesson plan ideas, and online teaching communities along with “10 Websites to Help Students Get Published” that lead to writing advice and publishing opportunities in print and online journals.,Alicia Eames,School Library Journal, 3/27/13