1st Edition


By Foley Copyright 1981

    Published in the year 1981, Reflections of Women in Antiquity is a valuable contribution to the field of Performance.

    Preface, Contributors, The Socio-Economic Roles of Women in Mycenaean Greece: A Brief Survey from Evidence of the Linear B Tablets, The Divided World of Iliad VI, Sappho's Private World, Gardens of Nymphs: Public and Private in Sappho's Lyrics, Women and Culture in Herodotus' Histories, The Conception of Women in Athenian Drama, Travesties of Gender and Genre in Aristophanes' Thesmophoriazousae, Could Greek Women Read and Write?, Home Before Lunch: the Emancipated Woman in Theocritus, Asclepiades' Girl Friends, Women in Roman Egypt (A Preliminary Study Based on Papyri), Etruscan Couples and Their Aristocratic Society, Two Matrons of the Late Republic, On Creusa, Dido, and the Quality of Victory in Virgil's Aeneid, Approaches to the Sources on Adultery at Rome, Index


    Helene P. Foley