1st Edition

Reflections on Gifted Education Critical Works by Joseph S. Renzulli and Colleagues

By Joseph Renzulli, Sally M. Reis Copyright 2016
    504 Pages
    by Prufrock Press

    In this compelling book, more than 40 years of research and development are highlighted in a collection of articles published by Joseph S. Renzulli and his colleagues. Renzulli's work has had an impact on gifted education and enrichment pedagogy across the globe, based on the general theme of the need to apply more flexible approaches to identifying and developing giftedness and talents in young people. This collection of articles and chapters has strong foundational research support focusing on practical applications that teachers can use to create and differentiate learning and enrichment experiences for high potential and gifted and talented students.

    Preface An Introduction, Some Personal Stories From Some Very Special People, and a Reader’s Guide Part I A General Approach to the Study of Giftedness and Overview of Major Models Chapter 1 Examining the Challenges and Caveats of Change in Gifted Education Chapter 2 Reexamining the Role of Gifted Education and Talent Development for the 21st Century: A Four-Part Theoretical Approach Part II Conceptions and Identification of Giftedness Chapter 3 The Three-Ring Conception of Giftedness: A Developmental Model for Promoting Creative Productivity Chapter 4 Defensible and Doable: A Practical, Multiple-Criteria Gifted Program Identification System Chapter 5 Intelligences Outside the Normal Curve: Co-Cognitive Factors That Contribute to the Creation of Social Capital and Leadership Skills in Young People Chapter 6 Assumptions Underlying the Identification of Gifted and Talented Students Part III Systems and Models for the Development of Giftedness and Talents Chapter 7 A Theory of Blended Knowledge for the Development of Creative Productive Giftedness Chapter 8 The Enrichment Triad Model: A Guide for Developing Defensible Programs for the Gifted and Talented Chapter 9 The Multiple Menu Model for Developing Differentiated Curriculum Part IV Implementation Components and Strategies Chapter 10 The Schoolwide Enrichment Model: A Focus on Student Strengths and Interests Chapter 11 Curriculum Compacting and Achievement Test Scores: What Does the Research Say? Chapter 12 A Time and a Place for Authentic Learning Chapter 13 Academies of Inquiry and Talent Development Chapter 14 A Technology Based Program That Matches Enrichment Resources With Student Strengths Chapter 15 Savoring Reading Schoolwide Chapter 16 Nurturing Young Student Mathematicians Part V Contemporary Issues, Challenges, and Commentary Chapter 17 The Achievement Gap and the Educational Conspiracy Against Low-Income Children Chapter 18 From High Potential to Gifted Performance: Encouraging Academically Talented Urban Students Chapter 19 An Infusion-Based Approach to Enriching the Standards-Driven Curriculum Chapter 20 Reversing Underachievement Through Enrichment Chapter 21 Commentary on Contemporary Issues Chapter 22 A Biographical Portrait of Joseph S. Renzulli: Scholar, Gifted Educator, and Visionary Leader About the Editor


    Joseph Renzulli is a professor of educational psychology at the University of Connecticut, where he also has served as the director of the Renzulli Center For Creativity, Gifted Education, and Talent Development.

    Sally M. Reis is the Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, the Letitia Neag Morgan Chair in Educational Psychology, a Board of Trustees Distinguished Professor, and a University Teaching Fellow at the University of Connecticut. She was a teacher for 15 years, 11 of which were spent working with gifted students on the elementary, junior high, and high school levels. She has authored or coauthored over 250 articles, books, book chapters, monographs, and technical reports.

    Along with virtually everyone else in gifted education I've known about Joe Renzulli's work since I took my first steps into the field. I've held his work in high regard, often seeing it as a beacon of light on the educational horizon clarifying our direction as we make our way through difficult terrain under dark clouds of dogmatism and superficial school reform. This book enabled me to step closer to that beacon so I can see what makes it shine so brightly.,Don Ambrose,Roeper Review, 2/15/16
    Addressing many important aspects of gifted education, this book would be a valuable resource for teachers, curriculum directors, and others who are responsible for ensuring that the needs of bright children are effectively addressed in the educational setting. In addition to taking a close look at past research in light of significant topics, Renzulli discusses the importance of an ever-changing world of education, and suggests ways that educators and scholars may go about introducing new ideas into the field of gifted and talented education.,Gifted Child Today, 1/10/17
    In addition to a robust sampling of Renzulli's ideas and research, the text also provides practical strategies for practitioners, an approach which is a hallmark of Renzulli's work. Rather than a straightforward reprint of previous works, this text features updates and adaptations as well as editorial changes to standardize the entries.,Jennifer L. Jolly,Teachers College Record, 1/17/19