1st Edition

Reflections on Language Teacher Identity Research

Edited By Gary Barkhuizen Copyright 2017
    286 Pages
    by Routledge

    286 Pages
    by Routledge

    Reflections on Language Teacher Identity Research is the first book to present understandings of language teacher identity (LTI) from a broad range of research fields. Drawing on their personal research experience, 41 contributors locate LTI within their area of expertise by considering their conceptual understanding of LTI and the methodological approaches used to investigate it. The chapters are narrative in nature and take the form of guided reflections within a common chapter structure, with authors embedding their discussions within biographical accounts of their professional lives and research work. Authors weave discussions of LTI into their own research biographies, employing a personal reflective style. This book also looks to future directions in LTI research, with suggestions for research topics and methodological approaches. This is an ideal resource for students and researchers interested in language teacher identity as well as language teaching and research more generally.


    1. Language teacher identity research: An introduction
    2. Gary Barkhuizen

    3. Tangled up with everything else: Toward new conceptions of language, teachers and identities
    4. Kelleen Toohey

    5. Teacher autonomy and teacher agency
    6. Phil Benson

    7. Becoming a language teaching professional: What’s identity got to do with it?
    8. Richard Donato

    9. Journey to the centre of language teacher identity
    10. David Block

    11. Towards sociolinguistically-informed language teacher identities
    12. Christina Higgins

    13. Language teacher educator identity and language teacher identity: Towards a social justice perspective
    14. Manka M. Varghese

    15. Recognizing the local in language teacher identity
    16. Ahmar Mahboob

    17. Narratives of identity: Reflections on English language teachers, teaching and educational opportunity
    18. David Hayes

    19. The tension between conflicting plots
    20. Julia Menard-Warwick

    21. Multilingual identity in teaching multilingual writing
    22. Suresh Canagarajah

    23. Language teacher identity in troubled times
    24. Brenda Leibowitz

    25. Learner investment and language teacher identity
    26. Bonny Norton

    27. Identity, innovation, and learning to teach a foreign/second language
    28. Jason Martel

    29. Boundary disputes in self
    30. Sarah Mercer

    31. Understanding language teachers’ sense making in action through the prism of future self guides
    32. Magdalena Kubanyiova

    33. Searching for identity in distance language teaching
    34. Cynthia J. White

    35. Second language teacher identity and study abroad
    36. Jane Jackson

    37. Becoming a researcher: A journey of inquiry
    38. Yueting Xu

    39. Identity and teacher research
    40. Simon Borg

    41. "This life-changing experience": Teachers be(com)ing action researchers
    42. Anne Burns

    43. Teacher identity in second language teacher education
    44. Jack C. Richards

    45. Identities as emotioning and believing
    46. Ana Maria F. Barcelos

    47. Grappling with language teacher identity
    48. Paula Golombek

    49. Situating affect, ethics, and policy in LTI research
    50. Peter I. De Costa

    51. Language teacher identity in teacher education
    52. David Nunan

    53. Language teacher identities and socialization
    54. Patricia A. Duff

    55. Acknowledging the generational and affective aspects of language teacher identity
    56. Lesley Harbon

    57. "Who I am is how I teach": Reflecting on language teacher professional role identity
    58. Thomas S.C. Farrell

    59. Questioning the identity turn in language teacher (educator) research
    60. Xuesong Gao

    61. "English is a way of travelling, Finnish the station from which you set out": Reflections on the identities of L2 teachers in the context of Finland
    62. Paula Kalaja

    63. Language teacher identity as critical social practice
    64. Brian Morgan

    65. Critical language teacher identity
    66. Ryuko Kubota

    67. Who we are: Teacher identity, race, empire, and nativeness
    68. Suhanthie Motha

    69. Reflecting on my flight path
    70. Masaki Oda

    71. Feminist language teacher identity research
    72. Stephanie Vandrick

    73. Identity dilemmas and research agendas
    74. Cynthia D. Nelson

    75. Second language writing teacher identity
    76. Paul Kei Matsuda

    77. Writing teacher identity: Current knowledge and future research
    78. Yin Ling Cheung

    79. Multiple selves, materials and teacher identity
    80. Jill Hadfield

    81. Language teaching identity: A fractal system
    82. Vera Lúcia Menezes de Oliveira e Paiva

    83. The intimate alterity of identity

    Matthew Clarke


    Gary Barkhuizen is Professor in the School of Cultures, Languages, and Linguistics at the University of Auckland, New Zealand. His teaching and research interests are in the areas of teacher education, narrative research, and teacher and learner identity. He is former co-editor of the Language Teaching Research journal.