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Reflective Bioethics

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Reflective Bioethics is a new series of books aimed at invigorating and deepening discussion in this young and vibrant interdisciplinary field. Series volumes will bring to bioethics fresh intellectual resources for exploring such issues as the social organization of health care, autonomy and authority in the clinic, and morality, meaning and methodology; they will also raise new questions about the connections between medicine, culture and personal identities, and about the role of bioethics as interpreter and evaluator of these relationships.

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The Patient in the Family An Ethics of Medicine and Families

The Patient in the Family: An Ethics of Medicine and Families

1st Edition

By Hilde Lindemann Nelson, James Lindemann Nelson
May 11, 2016

The Patient in the Family diagnoses the ways in which the worlds of home and hospital misunderstand each other. The authors explore how medicine, through its new reproductive technologies, is altering the structure of families, how families can participate more fully in medical decision-making, and...

The Fiction of Bioethics

The Fiction of Bioethics

1st Edition

By Tod Chambers
June 21, 1999

Tod Chambers suggests that literary theory is a crucial component in the complete understanding of bioethics. The Fiction of Bioethics explores the medical case study and distills the idea that bioethicists study real-life cases, while philosophers contemplate fictional accounts....

Physician Assisted Suicide Expanding the Debate

Physician Assisted Suicide: Expanding the Debate

1st Edition

By Margaret P. Battin, Rosamond Rhodes, Anita Silvers
August 05, 1998

Physician Assisted Suicide is a cross-disciplinary collection of essays from philosophers, physicians, theologians, social scientists, lawyers and economists. As the first book to consider the implications of the Supreme Court decisions in Washington v. Glucksburg and Vacco v. Quill concerning ...

Is There a Duty to Die? And Other Essays in Bioethics

Is There a Duty to Die?: And Other Essays in Bioethics

1st Edition

Edited By John Hardwig
January 05, 2000

Amid the controversies surrounding physician-assisted suicides, euthanasia, and long-term care for the elderly, a major component in the ethics of medicine is notably absent: the rights and welfare of the survivor's family, for whom serious illness and death can be emotionally and financially ...

A Philosophical Disease Bioethics, Culture, and Identity

A Philosophical Disease: Bioethics, Culture, and Identity

1st Edition

By Carl Elliott
November 11, 1998

Drawing on the work of Ludwig Wittgenstein and novelists such as Walker Percy, Paul Auster and Graham Greene, A Philosophical Disease brings to the bioethical discussion larger philosophical questions about the sense and significance of human life. Carl Elliott moves beyond the standard menu of ...

Stories and Their Limits Narrative Approaches to Bioethics

Stories and Their Limits: Narrative Approaches to Bioethics

1st Edition

Edited By Hilde Lindemann Nelson
October 03, 1997

Narratives have always played a prominent role in both bioethics and medicine; the fields have attracted much storytelling, ranging from great literature to humbler stories of sickness and personal histories. And all bioethicists work with cases--from court cases that shape policy matters to case ...

The Limits and Lies of Human Genetic Research Dangers For Social Policy

The Limits and Lies of Human Genetic Research: Dangers For Social Policy

1st Edition

By Jonathan Michael Kaplan
June 08, 2000

In The Limits and Lies of Human Genetic Research, Jonathan Kaplan weighs in on the controversial subject of the roles genes play in determining aspects of physical and behavioral human variation. Limits and Lies makes the case that neither the information we have on genes, nor on the environment, ...

Duty and Healing Foundations of a Jewish Bioethic

Duty and Healing: Foundations of a Jewish Bioethic

1st Edition

By Benjamin Freedman
May 12, 1999

"Duty and Healing" positions ethical issues commonly encountered in clinical situations within Jewish law. The concept of duty is significant in exploring bioethical issues, and this book presents an authentic and non-parochial Jewish approach to bioethics, while it includes critiques of both ...

Stories Matter The Role of Narrative in Medical Ethics

Stories Matter: The Role of Narrative in Medical Ethics

1st Edition

Edited By Rita Charon, Martha Montello
June 14, 2002

First published in 2002. The doctor patient relationship starts with a story. Doctors' notes, a patient's chart, the recommendations of ethics committees and insurance justifications all hinge on written and verbal narrative interaction. The practice of narrative profoundly affects decision making,...

Do We Still Need Doctors?

Do We Still Need Doctors?

1st Edition

By John D. Lantos, M.D.
September 02, 1999

Written with poignancy and compassion, Do We Still Need Doctors? is a personal account from the front lines of the moral and political battles that are reshaping America's health care system....

Meaning and Medicine A Reader in the Philosophy of Health Care

Meaning and Medicine: A Reader in the Philosophy of Health Care

1st Edition

By Hilde Lindemann Nelson
August 17, 1999

A chief aim of this resource is to rekindle interest in seeing health care not solely as a set of practices so problematic as to require ethical analysis by philosophers and other scholars, but as a field whose scrutiny is richly rewarding for the traditional concerns of philosophy....

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