1st Edition

Reform and Transformation in Eastern Europe Soviet-type Economics on the Threshold of Change

Edited By János Mátyás Kovács, Marton Tardos Copyright 1992

    Can the economics of Eastern Europe make the dramatic transition from centrally-planned to market-led economics? This book tries to understand the intellectual background behind this change and the problems of managing it.

    Leszek Balcerowicz, Central School of Planning and Statistics, Warsaw and former Deputy Prime Minister of Poland; Raimund Dietz, Vienna Institute for Comparative Economic Studies; D. Duff Milenkovitch, Columbia University, New York; Irena Grosfeld, DELTA, Paris; Helmut Leipold, University of Marburg, Germany; J. Michael Montias, Yale University; Alec Nove, University of Glasgow; Petr O. Aven, Advisor to Stanislav Shatalin, Chief Economic Advisor to Gorbachev, Institute of System Research, Moscow and IIASA, Austria; Wodzimierz Brus, St Antony's College, Oxford; Robert W. Davies, University of Birmingham; Tadeusz Kowalik, Institute of the History of Science, Warsaw; Pekka Sutela, University of Helsinki; Xiaochuan Zhou, formerly Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations, People's Republic of China; Alexander Bajt, University of Ljubljana, Yugoslavia and advisor to Markovich, Prime Minister of Yugoslavia; Ellen Comisso, University of California, San Diego; Jerzy Osiatynski, Minister of Planning, Poland and Institute of the History of Science, Warsaw; Leon Podkaminer, Polish Academy of Science, Warsaw; Márton Tardos, Hungarian Academy of Sciences and Chief Economic Advisor to the party of the Free Democrats in Hungary


    János Mátyás Kovács, Marton Tardos