1st Edition

Reformation to Revolution

By Margo Todd Copyright 1995
    296 Pages
    by Routledge

    296 Pages
    by Routledge

    Few periods of English history have been so subject to `revisionism' as the Tudors and Stuarts. This volume offers a full introduction to the complex historiographical debates currently raging about politics and religion in early modern England. It
    * draws together thirteen articles culled from familiar and also less accessible sources
    * embraces revisionist and counter-revisionist viewpoints
    * combines controversial works on both politics and religion
    * covers Tudor as well as early Stuart England
    * includes helpful glossary, explanatory headnotes and suggestions for further reading.
    These carefully edited and introduced essays draw on the new evidence of newsletters and ballads and ritual, as well as the more traditional sources, to offer a new and broader understanding of this transformative era of English history.

    Introduction Part I: Revising Religion 1. The Recent Historiography of the English Reformation Christopher Haigh 2. Protestant Culture and the Cultural Revolution Patrick Collinson 3. Puritanism, Arminianism and Counter-Revolution Nicholas Tyacke 4. Archbishop Laud Kevin Sharpe 5. Arminianism and the Court 1625-1629 Peter White Part II: Revising Politics 6. Parliament in the Reign of Elizabeth I Geoffrey Elton 7. England in 1637 Conrad Russell 8. The Coming of War John Morrill Part III: Responding to Revisionism 9. The Early Expansion of Protestantism in England A.G. Dickens 10. Calvinism and the English Church 1570-1635 Peter Lake 11. Popular Politics Before the Civil War David Underdown 12. News and Politics in Early Seventeenth-century England Richard Cust 13. Local History and the Origins of the Civil War Ann Hughes


    Margo Todd