1st Edition

Reforming Marine and Commercial Insurance Law

By Baris Soyer Copyright 2008
    336 Pages
    by Informa Law from Routledge

    With reform of warranties, utmost good faith and insurable interest underway, Reforming Marine and Commercial Insurance Law provides a timely and essential analysis of this changing area of marine insurance law. The entire insurance sector is observing and participating in the reform process and this wide interest is reflected in the diversity of extremely high quality contributions to this book. This book evaluates the legal and practical implications of the proposals on commercial and marine insurance contracts. The contributors, from legal practice, the insurance sector, the judiciary and academia, comment critically on the proposals and discuss the viability and future of the reform process.

    Chapter 1 Insurance Contract Law Reform in England/Wales and Scotland David Hertzell Chapter 2. Pre-Contractual Information Duties and the Law Commissions' Review Martin Bakes Chapter 3. Materiality: The Search for Practicality Alan Weir Chapter 4. The Law Commissions' Proposals and Reinsurance Robert Merkin Chapter 5. A Practitioner's Perspective on Placement Duties of Insurance Brokers and Reflections of the Proposals of the Law Commissions Derrick G. Cole Chapter 6. The Law Commissions' Proposed Reforms of the Law of "Warranties" in Marine and Commercial Insurance: Will the Cure be Better than the Disease? Richard Aikens Chapter 7. Reforming Insurance Warranties - Are We Finally Moving Forward? Baris Soyer Chapter 8. Reflections on Values: The Law Commissions' Proposals With Respect to Remedies for Breach of Promissory Warranty and Pre-Formation Non-Disclosure and Misrepresentation in Commercial Insurance Howard Bennett Chapter 9. Insurable Interest: A Suitable Case for Treatment? Mark Templeman QC Chapter 10. Utmost Good Faith and the Presentation and Handling of Claims Peter MacDonald Eggers


    Baris Soyer is a Professor of Commercial and Maritime Law at the University of Swansea.