1st Edition

Regenerative Urban Development, Climate Change and the Common Good

    300 Pages
    by Routledge

    300 Pages 33 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

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    This volume focuses on the theory and practice of the regenerative development paradigm that is rapidly displacing sustainability as the most fertile ground for climate change adaptation research.

    This book brings together key thinkers in this field to develop a meaningful synthesis between the existing practice of regenerative development and the input of scholars in the social sciences. It begins by providing an expert introduction to the history, principles, and practices of regenerative development before going on to present a thorough theoretical examination by known theorists from disciplines including sociology, geography, and ethics. A section on regenerative development practices illustrates the need to significantly advance our understanding of how urbanization, climate change, and inequality interact at every scale of development work. Finally, the book ends with a serious consideration of the ways in which integrated systems thinking in higher education could result in a curriculum for the next generation of regenerative development professionals.

    Regenerative Urban Development, Climate Change and the Common Good will be of great interest to students, scholars, and practitioners of regenerative development, climate change, urban planning, and public policy.

    1. Regenerative Development: Urbanization, Climate Change and the Common Good  2. The Regenerative Paradigm: Discerning How We Make Sense of the World  3. The Centrality of the Systems Approach: Regenerative Development, Resilience and Sustainability  4. Toward a Regenerative Psychology of Place  5. Regenerative Development and Environmental Justice  6. Governing Regenerative Development  7. Regenerative Development and Environmental Ethics: Healing the Mismatch between Culture and the Environment in the Third Millennium  8. Regenerative Economics  9. CityCrafting®: Evolution of Regenerative Development and Regenerative Development in Practice  10. Rethinking Memorial Public Spaces as Regenerative through a Dynamic Landscape Assessment Plan Approach  11. Integrating Social Science and Positive Psychology into Regenerative Development and Design Processes  12. Workforce Development: A Regenerative Perspective  13. Education for Regeneration  14. Conclusion 


    Beth Schaefer Caniglia is is Executive Director of Earth, Incorporated and Editor-In-Chief of The Solutions Journal, USA

    Beatrice Frank is Social Science Specialist with the Regional Parks department of the Capital Regional District of Victoria, Canada

    John L. Knott Jr is the creator of the CityCraft® process and Founder of CityCraft® Ventures, which restores the economic, environmental and social health of cities.

    Kenneth S. Sagendorf is Professor and Founding Director of the Innovation Center at Regis University, USA

    Eugene A. Wilkerson is Associate Professor in the College of Business and Economics at Regis University & University Assistant Dean, Anderson College of Business, USA