1st Edition

Regional Accountability and Executive Power in Europe

Edited By Marcel Morabito, Guillaume Tusseau Copyright 2024

    This book discusses the major issues currently affecting the accountability of executive power in Europe. The work is divided into three parts. The first examines the territorial dimension including unitary, regional and federal. It discusses how territorial actors participate in strengthening or weakening the implementation of accountability of executive power in modern democratic States. The second part explores the links between national traditions and European accountability of executive power to establish a common European culture. The third and final part focuses on how to build a truly multidisciplinary approach to accountability of executive power and draws on legal, historical and political approaches. The volume will be an invaluable resource for researchers, academics and policy-makers in constitutional law and politics, public law, comparative law, legal history and government.


    Marcel Morabito



    Part I: The responsibility of the national Executive power from the point of view of local territories


    Section 1: Theoretical Reflections


    Chapter 1: A European perspective

    Mercedes Bresso


    Chapter 2: The responsibility of the national executive power in Germany

    Claus Dieter Classen, Aurore Gaillet and Yoan Vilain


    Chapter 3: Is calling upon the courts a way to acknowledge the responsibility of the Executive?

    Virginie Donier


    Section 2: Regional Realities


    Chapter 4: The point of view of a state representative

    Laurent Carrié


    Chapter 5: The point of view of an elected official

    André Viola


    Conclusion: how do local actors participate in the strengthening or in the weakening of the holding to account of the Executive within modern democratic States?

    Stéphane Mouton



    Part II: National traditions and European culture


    Section 3: What impact do the traditions of the Member States have on the European practice of responsibility?


    Chapter 6: Are there common national traditions regarding the responsibility of the executive power?

    Luigi Lacchè


    Chapter 7: The accountability of the EU Commission as the EU’s Executive

    Paolo Ponzano


    Chapter 8: Political accountability and role splitting of the Executive in EU Member States

    Jacques Ziller


    Chapter 9: Political accountability within the European system

    Fabienne Peraldi-Leneuf


    Section 4: A common culture? National traditions, European challenges



    Julien Padovani and Emilien Quinart


    Chapter 10: Parliamentarianism and accountability of the executive power on a European scale: the experience of the European Parliament

    Juan Fernando López Aguilar


    Chapter 11: The scent of wild animals

    Sophie in’t Veld


    Conclusion: On political responsibility and political control in the European Union

    Jean-Paul Jacqué



    Part III: Diversity of legal approaches


    Section 5: Democratic perspectives


    Chapter 12: The European convergence of the strengthening of the executive power

    Hanan Qazbir


    Chapter 13: Responsibility, accountability and legitimacy of executives: what role for the people?

    Audrey Bachert-Peretti


    Section 6: Disciplinary specificities


    Chapter 14: Administrative responsibility and responsibility of the Executive

    Hafida Belrhali


    Chapter 15: Understanding responsibility through the issues of the environment: towards a bilateral conception of responsibility?

    Malik Bozzo-Rey


    Chapter 16: A perspective on civil responsibility

    Jean-Baptiste Donnier


    Chapter 17: Responsibility of the Executive: cross-read approaches 

    Amaia Errecart


    Chapter 18: The unique nature of political responsibility

    Cécile Guérin-Bargues


    Chapter19: Responsibility and sports: some remarks on a particular couple

    Clémentine Legendre


    Chapter 20: The difficulty of thinking about executive responsibility in a republic: a historical perspective

    François Quastana


    Chapter 21: Of sheep and straw men: the accountability of the Executive from the perspective of political science

    Olivier Rozenberg


    Conclusion: For a common concept of ‘responsibility’ from a multidisciplinary perspective

    Xavier Magnon


    Concluding Remarks: A kaleidoscopic approach to make (necessary) interdisciplinary communication possible

    Guillaume Tusseau








    Marcel Morabito is Professor Emeritus of Legal History at Sciences Po, Paris, and member of the Institut Louis Favoreu, Aix-Marseille University, France.

    Guillaume Tusseau is Professor of Public Law at Sciences Po Law School, Paris, Fellow of the Institut Universitaire de France.