1st Edition

Regional Conflict and National Policy

By Kent A. Price Copyright 2011

    First Published in 2011. This is Volume 9 of fourteen in a set of titles on Policy and Governance. Resources for the Future is a non- profit organization for research and education in the development, conservation, and use of natural resources, including the quality of the environment. The issues of conservation, the environment, and energy have enormous implications not only in terms of those issues specifically, but also for regional conflict in the United States. If we are to have any kind of resolution of these issues, there must be a sense of equity, that everyone is sacrificing equally. If there is a perception of inequity, then all of the ingredients are there for social unrest. This volume explores this issue.

    Chapter 1 Introduction and Overview, Kent A. Price; Chapter 2 History and Perspective, Nathan Rosenberg; Chapter 3 Energy 'œHaves' and 'œHave-Nots', Hans H. Landsberg; Chapter 4 Typical Cases Involving Natural Resources, Allen V. Kneese; Chapter 5 The Legal Structure of Interstate Resource Conflicts, Richard B. Stewart; Chapter 6 Externality, Conflict, and Decision, Clifford S. Russell; Chapter 7 Epilogue, Gilbert F. White;


    Kent A. Price

    'Not only a readable set of essays on the issues but also...a framework for thinking about, and living, peaceably with regional differences in resource endowments... Academics would want all or parts of this book on the reading list for policy analysis and conflict resolution exercises.' American Planning Association Journal 'If you love the United States, warts and all, you will find cause for quiet celebration during your personal exploration of the individual essays that make up this volume.' American Land Forum Magazine